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The cloud imperative in life sciences

December 8, 2020


In brief

The state of cloud in life sciences

2 OUT OF 3

life sciences companies said they haven’t achieved the results expected of their cloud initiatives to date.


are taking a hybrid cloud approach with a mix of cloud providers.

Getting the value of cloud in life sciences

Embrace cloud as a CEO priority

The entire enterprise needs to be aligned on the cloud strategy and its intended ROI; it cannot be a purely IT-driven exercise.

Build cross-functional teams and partnerships

Use the cloud as a catalyst to do things differently and draw new insights—from discovering new treatments to providing more precise patient support.

Expand your company's innovative spirit

Cloud enables fast experimentation, including testing new ways of working—this lets companies spin up new environments and try several ideas at once.

Unify responsibility and success metrics

Bring all areas and functions moving to the cloud together to agree on what you want to achieve, how to achieve it and how you will measure success.

Invest in developing talent with digital skills

Go beyond building pockets of excellence to create an entire community of technologically savvy people.

Reshape the regulatory environment

Use the cloud to modernize regulatory approvals and policies around risk, security and data.

Cloud at work in life sciences

1. Free the data

Managing and measuring patient outcomes is impossible without freeing patient data while securely accessing it across the company and partners.

2. Unify the value chain

Making the whole organization more accessible and open can enable everything from attracting top talent to advancing the discovery of New Science.

3. Ignite growth

The cloud allows companies to scale computational resources to the volume of genomic data being analyzed for cutting-edge therapies in development.

We worked with a large life sciences company to create a COVID-19 home-care app that helps patients manage the illness from home, in partnership with their healthcare providers. Patients capture their symptoms daily, and data is stored in the cloud.

The view from above

New science: Biopharma’s new growth engine

Accenture is investing $3 billion over the next three years to enable our clients to rapidly become CLOUD FIRST businesses.

About the Authors

Stuart Henderson

Market Unit Lead – US Northeast


Senior Principal

Geoff Schmidt

Managing Director – Cloud First, Life Sciences

Brad Michel

Managing Director – Life Sciences Lead, North America

Petra Jantzer, Ph.D.

Senior Managing Director – Global Life Sciences Lead

Aman Bajaaj

Managing Director – Asia Pacific Life Sciences Lead

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