Reimagining customer service
When companies think of ‘service,’ it’s typically a center at the end of the line to quickly and efficiently handle problems. This is a race to the bottom. Imagine service as a function so essential to your organization that it engages customers at every step of their journey—from learning and purchase to usage and, ultimately, repurchase. Learn how leading service organizations are doing things differently. And seeing extraordinary results.

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End-to-endless customer service

We help transform customer service to generate growth.
Customer service today exists mainly to fix something that’s gone wrong. The function focuses on fielding and resolving customer issues in the most efficient way possible. This longstanding approach to service offers limited upside. No matter how efficiently an organization runs it, customer service will be a cost center stuck at the end of the customer journey.

It’s time to think about service in a different way. To embed service capabilities and skills throughout the front office. To transform service from reactive to regenerative. To use service to create unprecedented potential for your organization.

This is the power of End-to-Endless Customer Service.
What if companies recognized the potential of customer service to create and improve their products and services—not just support them?

Grow the future of customer service

Leading businesses are moving beyond the service center model and embedding service when and where it’s needed to create value and drive higher growth.

If you’re focusing only on the speed, efficiency and cost of customer service, it’s time to see service in a new way.
1 in 5

A small proportion of companies are fully committed to service as a value center that improves customer relationships and drives sustainable growth.

These companies drive more than triple the revenue growth of companies managing service as a cost center.
+50 basis points

These high-growth companies are spending an average of only 50 basis points more of their revenue on customer service.
Customer service. Customer care. Customer support.
No matter what you call it, we can help turn service delivery into a value opportunity by leveraging service-driven insights to create and innovate products and services and proactively solve problems.

Client story

PEXA, Australia’s online property exchange network, took a customer-centric approach to developing its intuitive PEXA Key mobile app that enables an easy, safe property settlement experience for buyers and sellers. The team developed PEXA based on end-users’ unique needs. The app is a massive success with buyers and sellers and it has supported property settlements worth more than AUD$48 billion and won the 2020 Australian Financial Review Most Innovative Companies—Best Service Innovation Award.


Grow trust by mitigating friction

Grow Trust
Is your customer service focused on solving problems? Or is it a mindset that empowers your company to anticipate and address issues before customers contact you?

Mitigate the severity and frequency of pain points by infusing proactive, predictive and invisible service into the customer journey.

What we found
Our study revealed that customers value proactive service but are not receiving that support. This is an opportunity to shift to a predictive service model and deliver greater value.
Becoming invisible
How can your company grow trust and enable service so predictive it’s invisible to customers?

Always-on technology provides important insights into common service triggers—have customers failed to complete a purchase, fill out a form or had multiple calls for the same issue?

The line between service and sales
Imagine leveraging customer data to proactively respond to customer needs. If you’re generating information about customers’ usage and billing, for example, you’re compiling predictive data that’s imperceptible to customers.

When service works in the background to enhance your business while making your customers’ lives easier, they feel the benefits of a better product experience and their trust in your business grows.

Grow usage by maximizing value

Grow Usage
Where does your customer service team focus—on solving customers’ problems or increasing the return on their investment?

Maximize customer value with indispensable, relevant strategic advice on how they can get the most from their purchases.

What we found
B2C customers increasingly want more B2B-style service experiences—less focus on completing transactions and more emphasis on becoming a trusted advisor and advocate for customers’ success.
Data is your superpower
Data is key to understanding who each customer is and what they need to accomplish with your product or service. By using AI to leverage the customer insights your teams gather every day, your business can better understand what customers are experiencing and what they need for success.

Grow possibility with influential service

Grow Possibility
How are you capturing, analyzing, distributing and leveraging the customer feedback that your service channels collect?

Modify product development by integrating influential insights from service into the innovation and commercialization process.

What we found
We gathered 200+ data points about the role of service in driving revenue growth. These data points fall within four service competency areas: Technology, Product, Emotional Responsiveness and Organizational.
Product prevails
Companies that report always involving their service organization in new product development are driving up to 10x more revenue growth than companies that separate these functions.

Customers are talking
Customers who offer feedback want to feel heard and validated. You can use these insights not only to improve an individual customer’s future experience but also to evolve overall customer outcomes. How can companies make service more influential in product development and management?
The more often service is involved in product development, the greater potential for revenue growth

Learn from the voice of service

Your voice of service program provides a focal point for gathering data and activating those insights across the business through people, process and technology.

Making service influential and infusing insights across the business hinge on attention to people, process and technology. Focus on gathering and analyzing structured and unstructured data from across all service channels and, more importantly, elevating and activating these insights for the rest of the front office.

Shape the future of end-to-endless service

Our analysis points to three critical pathways for growing trust, usage and possibility. What does it take to transform?
Think differently

Transform service by promoting a different mindset about how you deliver customer value.
Shift to value

Realign service around proactive support, customer success and product development.
Make an impact

Pursue a roadmap that turns service into a value driver for customers and your business.
Learn more about transforming service into an opportunity to generate growth for your business.


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