Accenture took center stage at this year’s IAA Mobility Summit that was held for the first time in Munich from 7 – 12 September. We were joined on stage by industry experts covering the two main content tracks “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) and “Sustainability” during the four-day conference that formed part of the IAA Mobility Summit. The event took the shape of a hybrid in-person event (hosted in Munich, Germany) with a digital extension.

Accenture showcased how OEMs and mobility players can get beyond the wheel in 2021 and beyond.

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Case Study

Transforming fleet management for Microsoft
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Watch our keynotes and panels

Transforming business models and vehicle concepts to enable digital services Juergen Reers (Accenture), Sanjay Ravi (Microsoft), Martin Fischer (ZF), Michael Wintergerst (CARIAD) and Christoph Weigler (Uber). Watch the replay.

Key success factors for driving Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption Teodoro Lio (Accenture), Roberto Di Stefano (Free2Move), Melanie Lane (NewMotion) and Dean Phillips (AWS). Watch the replay.

Key success factors for carbon-neutral Mobility Alexander Holst (Accenture) and Christoph Becker (BMW). Watch replay.

Creating new Mobility Services in an intermodal ecosystem Marcus Fromm (Accenture), Dr. Nari Kahle (CARIAD), Bastian Raschke (Facebook) and Bejamin Ffeifer (ioki). Watch the replay.

User-centric Mobility Services driving industry convergence Axel Schmidt (Accenture) and Emily Weiss (Accenture). Watch the replay.

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Axel Schmidt

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead Automotive

Teodoro Lio

Senior Managing Director – European Automotive Lead​

Emily Weiss

Senior Managing Director – Global Industry Sector Lead Travel

Juergen Reers

Managing Director – Global Mobility X Lead

Alexander Holst

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Sustainability

Marcus Fromm

Managing Director – Mobility, Travel and Logistics, Switzerland

Andrea Regalia

Managing Director, Italy and Central Europe (ICEG) Mobility X Lead

Lu Yuan

Strategy and Global Business Development Lead – FutureMove

Raffaele Menolascino

Global Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Offering Lead

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What we think

Despite significant investments and growth, many leading transport companies have not cracked the code on how to profit from mobility services.

It will take holistic measures to change the business models of automotive manufacturing to jointly drive transformative solutions.

The acceleration toward EV production is shaking up the automotive industry in ways no one could have predicted.

During the pandemic, consumer behaviors and retailers’ responses to them changed last-mile delivery’s carbon footprint, making it more sustainable.

Stakeholder responsibility has always been essential in public transit, and with the onset of COVID-19, this has become even more important.

Public transport has experienced a renaissance over recent decades resulting in expanded networks and new pricing models to increase passenger uptake.

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