Connectors for Google Cloud Search

Secure, efficient data connectivity between Google Cloud Search and your business applications.

Unify your data for a seamless search experience

Built on Google’s renowned search capabilities, Google Cloud Search provides a robust platform for enterprise search and data-intensive business applications. It also integrates machine learning (ML) and natural language understanding (NLU) to create a relevant, centralized search experience across the G Suite and third-party applications.

At Accenture, we approach data connectivity using a blend of software and expert services. For many of our clients, this is the most effective and pragmatic way to ensure that content is securely accessible and searchable. In some cases, it can be challenging due to document-level security, large volumes of data, fast-moving content, etc.

As a Google Partner, we strive to ensure that our connectors are secure and fully compatible with Google Cloud Search applications. We provide connectors and a range of services to help clients implement and optimize enterprise search and analytics applications built on Google Cloud Search.

Google Cloud Search connector features

We provide custom-built as well as pre-built connectors to help cater to your needs. Learn more about our 50+ connectors.

Metadata processing

Provides comprehensive metadata capture, mapping, and extraction functions to enable advanced search features and enhance the search experience.


Allows for sophisticated document-level security.


Optimizes indexing performance while remaining friendly to the content repository.

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