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Meeting the new reality: immersive learning

September 14, 2021


In brief

A better way to maximize training investment

What powers immersive learning?


Believe that integrating XR devices with their broader cloud strategy will make the solution more powerful.


Say they're involved in defining device management policies to enable procurement, management and maintenance of new devices such as XR.


Agree that integrating with an existing learning management system is the biggest challenge when implementing XR for enterprise learning.


Agree that managing security and privacy of employee data is one of the most critical aspects of their XR implementation strategy.

Our recommendations for XR-based reinvention


Build a relationship between devices with cloud computing to drive agility and flexibility.


Broaden the scope of the existing IT strategy to make XR devices an integral part of the technology portfolio.


Build a vision for the future of learning in collaboration with a digital transformation expert.


Drive responsible XR by developing the safeguards to ensure data privacy.

90% of executives we surveyed agree that existing employee training methods in their workplace need to be more effective. Yet conventional approaches to training, such as instructor-led classes or online video series, can be less than optimal.

XR in action

How to choose a digital transformation expert


The ability to understand your priorities and vision.

Compliance and security

Expertise to advise on the right levels for the organization.


Experience to capture and analyze data.


Knowledge about how to design the ability to access and launch applications on any device.


The ability to bring together the right mix of diverse talent needed to build an immersive application.


Strength in content creation, consumption and management.

Meet the team

Marc Carrel-Billiard

Senior Managing Director and Lead – Technology Innovation and Accenture Labs

Dan Guenther

Managing Director – Go To Market and Thought Leadership Lead

Nicola Rosa

Lead – Immersive Learning and Extended Reality, Europe

Krista L. Taylor

Energy Industry, Global Metaverse Lead
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