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Scaling value is about understanding how to move from pilot to production; getting your data strategy in place to drive real-time strategic actions; and establishing the right talent mix, operating model and governance framework. Those who succeed will reap the rewards. And those who fail may find their businesses fall by the wayside (75 percent of executives believe they will be out of business in five years if they cannot scale AI effectively).

AI is no longer a "nice to have" or a set of cool tools to impress management. AI and data strategies are becoming the very core of business, and all the while it’s becoming easier and cheaper to get your hands on the technology. The time to act is now.

The journey to live

There’s a lot to think about—and a strong business case to get started quickly. In this primer, we have asked some questions and provided some insights on what it takes to scale AI effectively and move beyond proofs of concept to production. But how does it all come together in practice—and what concrete steps can you take to realize value quickly?

The final chapter of this primer is our AI Roadmap, a start-to-end model we use with our clients to help them realize and multiply value from their AI projects. It details an AI use case's route to live, which includes defining value and formulating a solid AI strategy; bringing together the right AI capabilities; thinking about the optimal talent mix; and getting the appropriate governance and ethical parameters in place. But it doesn't just end there. It lays the path for how to multiply value from the use case through continuous engineering, optimization and the extension of the feature to new use cases.

Our AI roadmap details an AI use case’s route to ‘live’, a start-to-end model we use with clients to help them realize and multiply value from their AI projects.

Scaling AI: The roadmap

Navigate your AI project’s ‘journey to live’ using the roadmap, and use the checkpoints as guiding markers to help take your project beyond proof of concept to value realization.​

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We invite you to go through our roadmap and evaluate how you’re approaching your AI projects. Stop at each checkpoint and ask yourself the flagged questions to make sure you're setting yourself up for success—with your data, your people, your infrastructure and your organization at large. Whether you’ve been in proofs of concept or are already starting to scale AI, be assured that there are concrete steps you can take to realize even more value from your AI initiatives

To scale effectively, run an unbreakable thread that traces the critical path to production through all of these highly connected elements. Only then can you amplify value.

Fernando Lucini

Global Lead Data Science & ML Engineering – Applied Intelligence


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