Call for change

Osotspa is an innovative, forward-thinking business with a 130-year history. What began as a pharmacy eventually grew to become a leading producer of energy drinks, sports drinks, functional drinks, and personal care products in Thailand.

Several years ago, Osotspa sought to transition from a family-run business into a modern, multinational corporation. In 2018, it became Thailand's largest IPO and continued to pursue ambitious goals. Its aim was to launch the company's products into markets outside of Thailand. To do that sustainably and successfully, the company hoped to gain a better understanding of its internal processes and costs.

Osotspa's leadership realized its processes would benefit from a unified, user-friendly experience. It wanted to streamline, and whenever possible, automate routine tasks. The goal of these changes was to diminish backlogs and fulfillment times for employees and buyers. By establishing a better system, it could more confidently launch in new markets.

Another goal was to obtain greater transparency into the company's expenses at every level. A better understanding of company spend would allow it to improve cost savings and plan for future expansions.

"The main concern they raised was a lack of visibility across their enterprise spend — specifically visibility across both direct and indirect commodities," said Kathryn Mouton, the Growth Markets Lead for Accenture's Coupa Practice. "Osotspa had no way to drill down into the organization's spending, effectively implement budgets, or reduce costs."

When tech meets human ingenuity

Osotspa sought a single solution with best-in-class functionality and the ability to scale with future acquisitions. Any adopted technology had to multitask. It needed to integrate with multiple systems yet provide a single enterprise view. Osotspa needed detailed information regarding spend across its direct and indirect commodities to reduce expenses and increase net profit margins.

The solution also had to offer user-friendly features for both employees and buyers, and efficiency was key. Any new platform needed to provide labor-saving procurement processes that could reduce timelines and the risk of delays.

Coupa worked with Accenture to help reshape Osotspa's procurement processes and spend categorization. They addressed the organization's pain points with Coupa's comprehensive BSM platform.

Coupa's platform acts as a central hub of marketplaces, allowing immediate access to many platforms and endless integration possibilities. It features robust procurement, supplier, contracting, and spend analysis functionalities.

Just as important was the platform's flexibility. Osotspa had access to more than 10 million configuration options and additional customization.

As a cloud-based platform, Coupa offered significant advantages. Its people could now securely access the platform from anywhere — a necessity in a modern and distributed workforce. The platform accesses all the organization's data, which it then uses to analyze risk, spend, inefficiencies, and more. Osotspa can make data-driven decisions moving forward. The platform's also scalable, allowing Osotspa to continue expanding into new markets and additional areas of business spend in the future.

Through a series of onsite demonstrations, Accenture and Coupa built a close working relationship with Osotspa. "We really tried to understand their landscape and what success meant to them so we could drive a positive outcome," said Mouton.

This close working relationship and in-depth preparation propelled the partners into achieving one of their fastest deployments in the region. Contracting, analytics, and sourcing functionalities were up and running in 8 weeks, followed by the purchasing order functionality in an additional 3 months.

"As the first Thai-based customer of Coupa, we needed to work closely with the Coupa support team to address localization enhancements and make them confident in the Coupa BSM platform."

— Kathryn Mouton, Growth Markets Lead - Accenture's Coupa Practice

A valuable difference

The results were visible from day one. The first day Osotspa implemented Coupa, the purchase order timeline fell by several days. Twelve months later, the new workflow and automation had reduced the cycle even further.

Coupa also proved itself to be a boon to direct procurement. The user-friendly capabilities within catalogs, a standard feature, allows buyers to purchase goods directly through the platform. Osotspa expected a slow increase in direct orders, yet it exceeded its goal for catalog orders by 17%.

Osotspa entered this project with high expectations and aggressive targets. To reach its goals, the organization reshaped how it handled procurement and categorized spend. The transition took considerable effort but was well worth the rewards in terms of time and cost savings. Now, Osotspa's team works efficiently, freeing up the time and energy needed to tackle new challenges and expand into markets across the region.

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