Simplify data migration and data reconciliation

Accenture Data Comparison Manager reduces the work effort associated with SAP payroll testing or monitoring of data replication.

Achieve security and traceability in migration

Accenture Data Comparison Manager supports data migration from any legacy system to SAP SuccessFactors. It checks the quality of large data volumes, repeats tests with limited effort, and easily identifies migration errors.

Reduce costs

Undertake migration and consolidation projects more simply and easily to mitigate risks.

Improve quality

Benefit from smooth data transition support.

Enhance control

Establish tools and assign predefined classifications to control the migration project or data replication processes.

Gain flexibility

Easily configure the software to tailor to individual HR requirements.

Improve processes

Check processed deviation records through an examination status process.

Automate reconciliation

Collect data from various input sources (SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HCM or legacy systems) and align data input streams by applying rules.

Repeat comparisons

Compare HR master data, payroll and time evaluation results or posting documents, even if the data has been transformed during migration.

Produce analytics

Create reports across various sub-projects and versions, and view trends and definitions of metrics based on the project requirements.

Simple user experience

View compare results online with a drill down capability. Traffic lights and underlying colors highlight the differences and deviations.

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Simplified migration

Whether it is a new implementation of SAP SuccessFactors, consolidation of HCM systems, reconciliation of data with SAP HCM and SAP Employee Central, the software supports data migration from any legacy system to SAP SuccessFactors.


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