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Oracle Quarterly Updates Testing as a Service

The benefits: A compelling value proposition

Reduced disruption

Resources can continue operations without interruption from the quarterly update process.

Robust testing

Automation makes testing faster and more robust.

Right skills, right time

Flexible resourcing means you get the expertise you need—when you need it.

Faster issue detection/resolution

Collaboration with Accenture and others helps find issues and resolutions sooner.

Expert analysis

Accenture’s experts analyze the impact of each quarterly update so you don’t have to.

Harness the full power of Oracle Quarterly Updates

Oracle releases consolidated and analyzed

Prior to release, Accenture expert analysts consolidate documentation, categorize each update, and provide insight into the impact on the application.

Test execution automated

Drawing on a library of 2,000+ prebuilt test scripts, Accenture uses an advanced automated testing tool to efficiently regression test a system.

Daily global calls to keep you in the know

During the update windows, Accenture holds daily global calls for all its Oracle teams to pinpoint and collaborate around any issues arising.

Our leaders

Jeannine Kovacic

Managing Director – Accenture

Marissa Tuck​

Manager – Business and Integration

Ashlee Baker

Manager – Application Development