Power intelligent finance with Oracle technologies

Evolve from accounting services to unleashing enterprise value through digital transformation, real-time data and a reimagined workforce.

Become an intelligent finance function

Digitize the core with Oracle SaaS applications, power real-time decision making, and reimagine the finance workforce.

Digital finance core

Eliminate up to 100% of manual processing through digitization and automation.

Touchless finance

Build on the digital finance foundation, extending transactional robotics and machine learning.

Analytics powerhouse

Go from backward-looking reporting to intelligent forecasting with the power of data and real-time analytics to anticipate future business decisions.

New business strategies

Apply new insights in real time as an agile organization.

Unleash finance talent

Move to a digital workforce and reorient finance capabilities by pairing people with AI to infuse an analytical mindset.

Evolve the organization

Become an intelligent back office and control tower to enable accounting accuracy and drive continuous improvement through innovation.

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By the numbers


CFOs are focused on identifying and targeting areas of new value across the enterprise—and are using new technology to do it.


of CFOs believe it is in their purview to drive business-wide operational transformation.


of CFOs believe the traditional finance talent profile needs to change quickly and drastically—many of these capabilities are entirely new.

The way forward

How can CFO’s position the finance functions to deliver more value?

Today’s Chief Financial Officers redefine traditional finance functions throughout the entire enterprise, adopting new technologies and leveraging proven best practices.

In doing so, they can drive more growth and more profitability than ever before.

Get more value—faster—from Oracle Cloud

The journey to Oracle Cloud is in full swing. Oracle provides a modern platform well suited to the demands of the intelligent finance function in an always-on, digitally connected and data-driven world.

Together, Accenture and Oracle are supporting enterprises as they rethink how the finance function works in this post-digital era, connecting data and technology by putting enterprise needs at the center.

Accenture Technology Vision for oracle 2020

Kick-start a value-led ERP transformation

Accenture myConcerto is an insight-driven digital platform that brings together the power of new Oracle Finance solutions and technologies with Accenture’s industry and functional expertise.

myConcerto captures the most advanced and disruptive Accenture thinking around innovation, technology and the future of work to help companies reinvent themselves as intelligent enterprises.

myConcerto accelerates and de-risks an enterprise journey to the future of finance and next-generation supply chain, ensuring that business goals and value are realized.

Why choose Accenture?

Accenture’s global team of Oracle professionals provide deep expertise in finance and Oracle implementations.

Your transformation: supported

Our set of Oracle Finance offerings will support your finance transformation and change enablement needs

Accelerated delivery, minimized risk

Our assets, combined with our wealth of experience, improve the speed, efficiency and quality of delivery, while minimizing risk

Powered by intelligence

From AI to automation to analytics, we help finance organizations get on the fast track to the future of digitization

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Case studies

Coronado Global Resources partnered with Accenture to “lift and shift” it’s ERP, HCM and supply chain management to the cloud.

Accenture & Oracle accelerated the company’s mission to provide easy-access mobile banking for all.

Accenture and Mondadori launched smart working by leveraging Oracle HCM solutions.

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What we think

Accenture is helping change leaders build ethical, sustainable businesses, delivering transformative solutions on Oracle Cloud with perpetual value.

Finance reimagined: Creating business agility by moving finance to the front lines

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Transforming with integrated ERP Cloud

IESE innovates with ERP Cloud

MLC transforms with integrated HCM and ERP Cloud

Realign for growth with a zero-based mindset

Awards & recognition

Accenture is a key Oracle partner, winning #1 Global Systems Integrator for 12 straight years plus numerous awards for ERP.


Partner of the year for SCM—APAC



Partner of the year for EMEA (Region Award)


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Accenture collaborates with Oracle to transform Nickel bank’s finance functions and implements in just 6 months

Nickel’s finance transformation with the implementation of Oracle software-as-a-service (SaaS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

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