INTIENT Clinical

The product suite that is helping our clients accelerate clinical development.

Transforming the clinical experience

The INTIENT Clinical product suite helps companies run faster clinical trials with better transparency and easy access to trial information so you can make smarter strategic decisions.

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Thought leadership

Accelerating momentum: Digital innovation in clinical trials

Finding patient solutions faster

Accessible knowledge

Find, exchange and reuse your organization’s expertise and memory.

Liquid workforce

Collaborate with your workforce and partners with agility to operate with a common set of goals in mind.

Digital trust

Have confidence in your people and processes with data, information and documents enabled by a single source of information.

Intelligent automation

Operate in ways you’ve never imaged with your people, digital solutions and services.

Predictable disruption

Embed innovation with line of sight to success—enabled by one flexible platform

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MAE: Next-generation in statistical computing

Next-generation statistical computing environments need to handle a wide array of new data types, analyses, and personas. It is no longer viable to use fixed-capacity systems to handle the volume and variety of data expected from mHealth devices, genomics, and other data sources.

With the ability to run multiple programming languages in parallel, and by using cloud-native technologies Accenture’s Managed Analytics Environment (MAE) allows easier clinical submissions, and a superior user experience.

A demo of INTIENT Clinical capabilities

INTIENT Clinical product suite demo

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INTIENT Clinical offers two important capabilities -- the Study Data Solution and the Operational Insights Solution. In this short demo, we’ll take a closer look at the Study Data Solution and dive into the Study Data Engine and Clinical Analytics modules to explore how INTIENT Clinical is helping users more efficiently and accurately ingest, transform and publish clinical data.

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