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Service management

End-to-end service management - boundaryless model

Ever-ready Infrastructure for the Cloud Continuum

Digital enterprises need modern infrastructure with compute, network, workplace and data capabilities to meet the opportunities of today and tomorrow.

By the numbers


Business executives say that IT really understands the business


Percent of business and IT executives expecting more than 40 percent of their workforce will requiring substantial reskilling due to the impact of technology


Companies with annual revenues greater than US$6 billion are reporting the pace of innovation as accelerate or significantly accelerated due to emerging technologies


Service strategy

Define the vision for achieving service excellence, baseline business satisfaction, define service metrics and create the business case for change.

Service-based Operating Model

Assess current-state capabilities, define future-state & implement a service-based Operating Model that leverages cloud capabilities & agile thinking.

Service management tooling

Design processes, select and implement strategic tools), and establish AIOps capabilities that leverage analytics, automation and machine learning.

Service integration and management

Establish a Service Integration & Management (SIAM) Function, define sourcing strategies, and manage third party performance.

Service reliability

Improve business-critical service reliability through initiatives addressing technical, procedural, cultural, and organizational improvements.

Next gen service desk

Run a 21st century multi-channel, front-line, customer support capability, leveraging modern technologies, analytics, automation and machine learning.

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