SAP solutions on Google Cloud

Migrate your SAP applications to the cloud quickly, securely, and innovate with confidence with Accenture and Google Cloud.

Deep SAP & Google expertise

It is an imperative that businesses move SAP applications to the cloud.

With Accenture and Google, our combined experience and expertise ensures that our clients not only get to the cloud fast, but are able to innovate in the cloud with great confidence—taking advantage of the full power of SAP solutions on Google Cloud.

Migrating SAP applications to Google Cloud with Accenture allows clients to reduce their total cost of ownership by as much as 50%, innovate faster and at scale with near zero downtime, while extending their SAP capabilities with AI/ML, big data, analytics and IoT solutions. With Accenture’s accelerators and capabilities for SAP and Google Cloud projects, alongside Google tools and automation, we can help our clients to migrate their SAP workloads with greater speed and confidence.

SAP solutions on Google Cloud. With confidence. Now.

Accenture has the largest team of SAP practitioners globally. This, along with Accenture’s extensive Google Cloud certifications and industry use cases, ensures clients are able migrate quickly, taking full advantage of SAP solutions on Google Cloud.


Ramp up and optimize your usage on Google Cloud, and only pay for the processing and performance you use.


Accenture is an 11x Google Partner Award Winner and Google’s system integrator of choice for migrating their SAP systems to Google Cloud.


Google’s Cloud Acceleration Program provides the upfront investment to put clients on the fast track to reap the benefits of SAP solutions.


Accenture Sustainability practice, combined with Google, has the expertise to enable sustainable cloud migrations.

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The numbers tell the story

With Accenture and Google, you can benefit from the proven experience of our partnership as well as cost and time savings.


Accenture has over 5,000 Google Cloud professionals trained, 2,250+ certified practitioners.


No one knows SAP like Accenture. We have partnered with SAP for more than 40 years and have the largest team of SAP practitioners in the world.


Migrating SAP solutions to Google Cloud can reduce TCO by 20-50% and lower SAP project costs by 10-15%.


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It's all about your data

SAP solutions on Google Cloud take the intelligent enterprise to new heights without compromising on security or reliability.

More insights

Using AI/ML, big data, analytics and IoT capabilities, SAP solutions on Google Cloud generate unparalleled insights from petabytes of data.

Greater security

Google Cloud, secure by default, has built-in encryption to secure your data. Strong regulatory compliance makes Google Cloud global enterprise ready.

High speed, low latency

Google Cloud’s network, the largest privately-owned network of fiber optic cable, gives users high speed and low latency when accessing their data.

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What we think

Accenture surveyed companies to determine how far they are advancing in terms of the business value achieved from cloud initiatives. Find out more.

Migrating to sustainable cloud positions companies to deliver on new commitments: carbon reduction and responsible innovation.

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