Financial services infrastructure

Blockchain empowers businesses to reimagine how financial transactions are processed, from payments to post-trade processing.

Transforming financial services

For organizations across the globe blockchain represents a completely new way to think about data and operating models. These opportunities vary widely and include the use cases below and more.

Treasury and interbank

Today, moving money requires complex messaging. In the future, digital currency could reduce exceptions and reconciliation.

Trade finance

Purchase order, bill of lading and letter of credit for a transaction is verified on blockchain leading to fewer errors and disputes.


Security, transparency and speed of distributed ledgers enable cheaper, faster and safer settlement in cross-border and mobile payments.

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Central bank digital currencies

Accenture is a partner in the Digital Dollar Project, with the goal to encourage research and public discussion on the exploration of a United States Central Bank Digital Currency. More details can be found in our paper Exploring a US CBDC. Recently, we hosted the Digital Dollar Live webinar where private and public sector thought leaders discussed what it will take to implement a digital dollar that works within the current banking systems, questions policy makers are asking about the technology, and how to shape policy in Congress for the future of CBDCs.

Digital Dollar Live

Watch the Digital Dollar Live where private and public sector thought leaders discussed current opportunities for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Learn more.

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