Security R&D

Our Security R&D Group applies advanced threat detection and management techniques to help our clients better defend the enterprise.

Preparing for quantum threat on cyberwire podcast

Accenture Labs’ Malek Ben Salem has answers

Top areas of focus

In today’s highly adversarial environment, we're dedicated to transforming the way businesses operate with disruptive capabilities to empower cyber defenders.

Advanced analytics for security breaches

At our Washington, D.C. Cyber Lab, we developed an analytics tool to label alerts based on phase of the cyberattack “kill chain” the intruder reached.

Enhanced data protection, at scale

Our machine learning solution helps identify and classify sensitive information in large data sets and ensure safeguards are sufficient and compliant.

Reducing security risk by “de-bloating”

We have developed a DeBloat tool that introduces the idea of a “bare minimum container” reducing vulnerability of the container by up to 100 percent.

Bringing agility to security decisions with AgiSec

AgiSec security methodology employs automated predictive analytics to identify business risk and recommend suitable, prioritized security actions.

Blockchain solutions for securities lending

A collaboration to develop a blockchain-based proof-of-concept for securities lending, with embedded “security by design.”

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Cryptography in a post-quantum world

Companies are talking about quantum computing, but few are looking at the possible massive impact on the existing cryptographic methods they use. Businesses must start preparing now.


 Every organization should work to achieve quantum-proof coverage by 2025. This huge change management effort will take at least two to four years to implement once there is a viable proven algorithm announced somewhere between 2022-2024.

FIGURE 4. Timeline for future standardization events (copyright Accenture)

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