In brief

In brief

  • Data has become a crucial component for helping companies grow and reinvent their business.
  • Organizations now find themselves in a position where they must use data and AI to responsibly fuel innovation, business models, and partnerships.
  • As foundational data capabilities are typically human-led and expensive to scale, AI can be applied to tasks to increase automation and precision.
  • We are helping our clients to be more data-driven and data-native by aligning their data and business strategies.

AI for Data: Data capital management @ scale with AI

Data as an asset is not a new idea, but more and more organizations are recognizing how critical data is to their present and future success. Many are starting to embrace the idea that data should be treated as another form of capital, just like human capital, financial capital, or intellectual capital.

Optimizing data capital is essential for businesses to survive and thrive in the digital age and reinvent their businesses to be more data-driven enterprises. It forces CEOs to be more strategic about acquiring, growing, refining, safeguarding, and deploying their data as they would be for other forms of enterprise capital.

The way companies have traditionally operated their organizations data is human-led and not easily scalable. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play. AI increases scale in data capital management—lowering costs while improving the quality of overall investments in data and AI.

Data must be high-quality, trusted, easy-to-use, and secure to maximize its use as an asset and minimize its potential liability. Data capital management requires strength in the following areas:

Data supply chain

Ensuring you have the right data repositories and pipelines to meet business needs.

Data management

Sustaining high-quality, trusted data at scale.

Data governance

Requires competency in managing business metadata and the design of cross-functional models for collaboration.

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AI increases scale in data capital management – lowering costs while improving quality;

Reducing time of data build

Reducing cost of data build and operations

Increasing quality of data

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Data is a new form of strategic capital. The time is now to introduce intelligent machine technology—using AI to accelerate the speed, decrease the cost, and create systems that optimize data workloads and quality.

Bo Zhang

Lead – Digital Core AI

Prateek Peres-da-Silva

Lead – Data Networks & Marketplace


Data is the new capital
Data-driven reinvention

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