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Caring for employees = Caring for business

June 2, 2021


In brief

Four ways to ensure health worker wellbeing and better business

According to our multi-country study, the healthcare industry faces a 26 percent gap between workforce expectations and what employers actually provide in terms of the Net Better Off framework.

Net Better Off in healthcare

Six dimensions of the "Net Better Off" framework

Five sweet spots = Satisfied workers

Why net better off employees matter more than ever for healthcare providers

Four things to do now to leave your staff (and business) better off

Find C-suite and employee allies you can talk to informally.

Take a pulse on your organization’s Net Better Off "quotient" with Accenture’s Net Better Off Diagnostic.

Measure whether your people are net better off.

Find a trusted, external partner who can walk alongside you and save you time and trouble.

Meet the team

Sig Shirodkar

Managing Director – Talent & Organization/Human Potential Services for Health, Life Sciences and Public Service

Stacy Blanchard

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organization

Jennifer Hammond

Senior Manager – Consulting, Talent & Organization, Human Potential

Christina Murtaugh

Manager – Consulting, Talent & Organization, Human Potential