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In brief

Technology innovation in healthcare leadership

Will you watch the future of technology in healthcare transform around you? Or be the one leading it?

1. Stack strategically

A new era of industry competition is dawning—one where healthcare organizations compete on their technology architecture. 

2. Mirrored world

Growing investments in digital twin technologies (e.g. IoT, data streaming and 5G) are giving rise to a new generation of business and intelligence: the mirrored world. Read more.

3. I, technologist

Natural language processing, low-code platforms, robotic process automation and more are democratizing technology, putting powerful capabilities into the hands of people across the organization. 

4. Anywhere, everywhere

It’s time for organizations to transform remote work from an accommodation to an advantage.

5. From me to we

Global disruption ignited a scramble to reimagine partnerships—and multiparty systems gained newfound attention. 

Kaveh Safavi, MD, JD

Senior Managing Director – Consulting Global Health

Kaveh has been a healthcare leader for more than 30 years and was recently named the top Healthcare IT Executive of 2020 by the IT Services Report.

Andrew Thompson


Andy drives our industry-led Cloud First approach and improves healthcare experiences by harnessing the power of tech disruption.

Brian Kalis

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy Lead, Health

Brian is a digital health expert who combines business strategy and digital innovation to improve health experiences for consumers across the globe.

Jenica McHugh

Managing Director – Technology Strategy, Global

Jenica advises senior executives on how to drive value through the optimal management, use and operation of technology.

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