About Nick

Nick leads the Accenture Security Group for UKI.

From the onset of his career as a Rocket Motor and Explosives Engineer, he loves to explore, fix and build. In his role as Managing Director of Accenture Security for the UK and Ireland, he has worked with clients to help them navigate the changes in their Security capabilities to become more resilient, which spans strategic consulting, proactive risk management and digital identity to cyber defence, response and remediation services and managed security services – across all industries. Nick have spent more than 23 years at Accenture and led many practices including: Strategy UKI, Digital UKI, ASEAN Technology, APAC Emerging Technology, Korea Technology, Infrastructure Consulting UKI, Strategic IT Effectiveness (SITE) UKI.

Expertise broadly falls into 5 categories:

  • Growth Opportunities – Spotting and taking advantage of new product/service/market opportunities
  • Business Innovation – Developing and leading big change to deliver sustainable business benefits
  • New Revenue Streams – Determining 'what to do' and 'how to do it'
  • Unblocking barriers to high performance – Identifying issues and developing programmes of work to resolve them
  • Risk Management & Governance – Delivering the mechanisms to make, sponsor, and drive the right decisions

Nick has recently assumed the leadership of Strategy and Risk for Security globally and has helped more than 70 clients from a range industries.

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