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Our teams feature a diverse pool of security talent from all over the world.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our Center provides 24x7 support for our client's Security Operations with a range of shared and dedicated analysts. We carry out dynamic monitoring across our client's networks, not just protecting IT but also the OT which enables businesses.

Our aim is to enable our clients to detect, prevent and respond to the threats from the world around us. This allows them to focus on their core business with strength and purpose.


Attack Surface Management
Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
Security Tools & Infrastructure Management
Managed Hunting & Response
M&A Assessment Services

Security Assessments

Our Security Assessments team helps our client's to protect their most valuable assets by performing hundreds of vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, source code and configuration reviews every year. Ethical hacking is a science and an art using the latest tools and creative techniques to outsmart the hackers at their own game. Vulnerabilities discovered during assessments along with our remediation advice helps our clients to harden their environment against attacks and directly increases business resilience.


Penetration Testing
Tailored Attack Services
Adversary Simulation

To find out more about our research, you can visit the Cyber Defense blog.

Embedded Security Assessments

Our unique Embedded Hardware lab is a cutting edge space where our engineers enable our clients to confidently take their products to market. Specializing in automotive testing, we also have a broad range of experience across diverse industries from homeware products to telecom networks.


Penetration Testing
Tailored Attack Services
Adversary Simulation

Threat Hunting and Incident Response

The Threat Hunting and Incident Response team provide an effective and timely response to efficiently counter any threats and lock out the adversary.

Whilst Threat Hunting, the objective is to actively identify existing compromises and threats unknown to the client's security team, assist with remediation and harden the environment against future attacks.

Incident Response capabilities are designed to establish the cause and full effect of any cybersecurity attacks, identifying the techniques used and minimizing the chance of repetition.

In both approaches the outcomes are used to support our client's cyber response capabilities, improving their detection and response to threats against their business.


Managed Hunting and Response
Incident Response, Forensics and Investigation
Threat Hunting

Privileged Access Management

Helping our clients to protect their assets allows us to safeguard their business operations and resilience. Our Privileged Access Management team takes care of the implementation, operations and service improvements such as advanced automation and integration. This enables our clients to transform the way they allow their assets to be accessed and used contributing to sustainable, risk aware operations.


Access Management
Privileged Access Management<
Directory Services

Application Security

Our Application Security team focuses on putting security at the center of the software development lifecycle.

We enable our clients to deploy their application assets safely and at speed while managing any business risks.

We cover a wide portfolio of services spanning the whole software development life cycle from design and threat modelling up to the protection of the application in production.


Secure SDLC Advisory Services
Source Code Security
Vulnerability Discovery, Analysis and Management

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