Embed sustainability into core business operations

Accenture and SAP share a commitment to a sustainable future. Our partnership helps transform our clients into truly sustainable businesses.


Drive new sources of value

Innovative sustainability strategies and solutions

Consumers demand action on sustainability. Businesses turn to technology and to their technology partners to help them achieve sustainability goals.

Accenture and SAP form a powerful team to help clients deliver on the sustainability mission. We combine advisory, innovation and next-generation solution development in a unique partnership to help our clients shape, deliver and measure their end-to-end sustainability transformations.

As advisors, innovators and solution developers, we help clients define and enable sustainability strategies – reduce carbon footprints, for example, or curb waste – and, at the same time, create new sources of value for the business.

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Four keys to our sustainability collaboration

Only collaboration and a commitment to value and shared values can generate impact. Our comprehensive collaboration with SAP on sustainability transformation to provide insights that drive decisions across the value chain focuses on:

The circular economy

We help clients take action towards a zero-waste supply chain with new, jointly to be developed SAP solutions for responsible production and design.

Carbon accounting

We help clients track and reduce their carbon footprints across the value chain with our transformation services and SAP’s Climate 21 solutions.

Ecosystem innovators

We team with SAP.iO on engaging start-ups to build an ecosystem of complementary sustainability solutions and capabilities for our clients.

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Accelerate sustainability transformation

Accenture and SAP are expanding their partnership to help companies embed sustainability across the full spectrum of their business operations.

Sustainable future accelerator

SAP.iO launches sustainable future accelerator program with Accenture to drive startup and partner innovation.

SDG Ambition

The United Nations Global Compact has partnered with Accenture and SAP to help businesses achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Sustainability is the business challenge of our lifetimes.

Sustainable business is better business for all

SAP’s Jan Gilg and Accenture’s Peter Lacy explain our joint plan to help companies make their sustainability ambitions a reality.