Communications technology

Reimagine your value chain with 5G. From hyperconnected lifestyles to democratized technology, we can help CSPs thrive in a disruptive landscape.


Mitigating the impact of Covid-19 in High Tech.

What we do

We help our clients rotate to the new and embrace Communications Tech.

Cloud services

Deliver the full promise of cloud by accelerating innovation, intelligence and business value at speed and scale.

5G acceleration

Accelerate your evolution to 5G networks and services through our comprehensive set of capabilities.


Accelerate business agility through as-a-service transformation.

Digital transformation

Harness the power of digital, advanced analytics and AI.

Scaling intelligent enterprise

Optimize operations, operating models and pricing strategies to realize savings and fuel growth.

Mergers and acquisitions

Help clients identify targets and become more competitive.

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How we do it

With short-term cost reduction or revenue enhancement and structural transformation needed to succeed in the future.

Cloud transformation

Accelerate innovation, intelligence and business value at scale to drive significant IT savings and enable new business capabilities.

5G acceleration services

Transform your network operations and management by leveraging digital and next generation technologies, forging a path to new value.


Transform your business to a core subscription-based platform mindset with agile enhancements, new ecosystem partners ​and continuous data upgrades.

Connected product / Solution innovation

Win in the next generation of smart, connected devices via open innovation and improved software and platform engineering.

AI-powered reinvention of marketing and sales

Enable scalable growth, drive revenue, reduce costs and personalize experiences by data driven digital transformation – powered by AI.

Digital supply chain

Make a wise pivot – balance investment and resource allocation between the core business and the new to synchronize innovation and growth.

Accelerating eCommerce

Improve revenue generation processes to help clients pivot to as-a-Service business models.

Digital foundation / Technology transformation

Enable new business models and digital transformation with new age devices powered by cutting-edge innovation and AI to create value.

Dynamic planning

Develop dynamic planning capabilities and leverage zero-based principles to manage costs.

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Navigate with the product reinvention grid

The Product Reinvention Grid (PRG) is our analytical framework for targeting new value spaces in smart connected products.

It helps scale and revive sluggish growth of the core business, serving as your overall compass to help you decide the best path for your smart connected products.


Navigate to the new with the product reinvention grid

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What we think

Activate new paths for growth in a disrupted industry. Read our experts' vital, new narrative for CSPs.

Explore our vision on how CSPs can fully embrace their transformation to the cloud.

Accenture's Technology Vision 2022 for the communications industry details the key building blocks of the Metaverse Continuum that every CSP needs to know.

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5G private network – innovation center garching

Accenture teamed up with Nokia to be among the first professional services companies with its own private LTE/5G-ready network as a testbed, experience center and playground for client.

The Garching Industry X Innovation Center in Germany is set up as an industrial "shop floor" where clients can design, prototype and test digital solutions for their businesses and customers. Clients can see how their solutions run in a live, end-to-end setting and test how they react when using solutions from different providers, such as different cloud providers.


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