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Enablers of the eight “platform accelerants”

September 10, 2021

Eight platform accelerants

1. Experience that matters

Successful platforms solve big problems. In doing so, they completely change the definition of a category or market.

2. Reach x value

Platforms generate extraordinary value through massive reach.

3. Capex flywheel

Overcoming the toughest challenges in experience optimization can require significant capital investment.

4. Business model purity

Key to creating a truly differentiated experience, disruptive platforms reimagine the value chain to remove inefficiencies.

5. Scale efficiency

Platforms get better with scale. That’s because network effects raise the bar for competitors and provide profitability.

6. Talent magnet

Platforms attract and maintain the very best talent.

7. Innovation cadence

The blistering pace of innovation is evident in the incredible incremental improvements they achieve.

8. Robust systems

Platforms rely on systems thinking – not incremental change – to solve their most difficult problems.

Driving forward momentous disruption

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