Intelligent finance operations for travel

Lead your company through the new realities of travel—while saving up to 35%—by building finance into a trusted advisor for your entire business.

Power a new vision for travel today

COVID-19 has upended the travel industry and put a renewed focus on liquidity and efficiency.

However, traditional back-office operations—that are transactional, repetitive, decentralized and don’t take advantage of digital technologies—are not up to the task.

Intelligent finance operations unlock new levels of speed and agility, creating a framework for rapid change as the travel landscape evolves. It also allows your people to predict trends before they happen and put your business in prime position to respond—empowering them to take creative action to get your organization back to growth.

By investing in innovative solutions like AI and cloud technologies, and implementing smart, standardized processes, finance leaders can take the lead in guiding their companies through recovery and adapting to the new realities of travel.

Now is the time for intelligent finance operations—and it’s time to act now.

Today’s CFO must use technology to unleash breakthrough speed. Find out how those who do are driving top-line growth and bottom-line profitability.

Improving operational efficiency at a crucial time

Leveraging automation and innovative capabilities like robot process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) can free up time and budget to focus on getting back to growth.


An intelligent back office helps travel companies lower costs dramatically, 25-35%, with savings that can be reinvested into innovation and sustainable growth.


Standardize up to 80% of transactional work with intelligent operations. This level of automation improves compliance, reduces manual work and shifts the focus to driving long-term growth.

Reinventing the role of finance in travel

Shifting to intelligent finance operations and a real-time finance organization is more than a technology transformation. It empowers your people to build finance into a trusted advisor for your entire travel organization.

Transformational change across the travel business

Access to real-time data helps finance leaders make better decisions—and improves their ability to guide the entire business toward growth.

A strong foundation for a future-ready culture

Equipping your finance team with the time and tools to operate more strategically also helps improve employee engagement and retention.

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Reimagining the back office through analytics

Intelligent finance operations can impact efficiency and agility for the finance and accounting functions of hospitality companies, airlines and more.

Across the industry, intelligent operations can lower the cost to deliver finance and accounting, and enable more effective data structures that allow the entire business to tap into the power of analytics.

Evolving and persevering through disruption

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on finance functions for organizations of all kinds—especially those in travel. Tackle some of the most difficult finance challenges with advice from our experts.

Managing total liquidity

Take these steps to protect employees and respond to customers today, while safeguarding the future of your company.

Running effective business services

Organizations must respond rapidly and robustly to maintain business continuity. See what our experts recommend.

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Case studies

Finance leaders at major companies who have made the shift to intelligent operations are leading their organizations through change while driving savings—and growth. Find out how.

How automation, AI & lean organization structure increased productivity by 45%—enabling hotel agents to spend more time creating customer experiences.

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