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Resilient Supply Chain


Supply Chain Ecosystem Services 2023 Vendor Assessment

Building a resilient supply chain network

Visibility delivers supply chain network resilience

Accenture shares how different types of visibility can help build resilient supply chain networks.

Enhance your supply chain network risk management

Operational risk

Respond to sudden supply chain network changes with improved real-time visibility and risk identification and mitigation solutions.

Tactical risk

Adapt to evolving supply/demand with scenario planning and modeling, plus risk/opportunity analysis, as part of sales and operations planning.

Strategic risk

Manage uncertainty by boosting flexibility and capacity through network modeling and simulation, strategic buffer sizing, and multi-sourcing options.

Resilient supply chain network

Enhance your ability to adapt to and recover from major disruption by identifying points of potential failure through a Resilience Stress Test.

Supply chain network resilience quick assessment

Stress test your supply chain network resilience

Resilient Supply Chain Stress Test

Measuring supply chain network performance

How it works

  • The supply chain resilience stress test maps a supply chain (using a digital twin) and runs disruption scenarios.
  • Each scenario is measured on key metrics and financial implications
  • The result is a supply chain risk management maturity assessment

Who benefits

  • Companies that need a recurring, data-driven risk management capability to assess supply chain network resilience
  • Organizations that want to proactively mitigate the impact of one-off events
  • Governments and regulators that are looking to assess the exposure of strategically critical industries

A forward-looking supply chain

Accenture helped a food marketing and distribution company reimagine its supply chain management through unified view of demand forecasting.

The Microsoft Cloud Supply Chain Control Tower

Accenture partnered with Microsoft to craft a data led transformation strategy to build an industry leading supply chain digital solution.

DHL Supply Chain: Making digital supply chain a reality

Dr. M Voss, Global CIO and COO of DHL Supply Chain

Supply chain & operations blogs

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Managing Director, North America Supply Chain & Operations, Resiliency Lead

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Managing Director S&C, SC&O, Growth Markets Resilience Lead

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