Retail Applied Intelligence

Drive profitable growth by putting your most loyal customers at the heart of every business decision—from your products to your supply chain.

Tap the growth potential of high-value customers

Knowing your high-lifetime value (HLV) customers is the key to future retail growth. Our ai.RETAIL solution helps retailers to rapidly apply artificial intelligence at scale in Marketing, Merchandising and Supply Chain to drive profitable growth.

Customer profit and revenue (CPA)

Use predictive analytics to determine your high lifetime value customers and create retention, acquisition and marketing strategies.


Use prescriptive analytics to identify your most profitable customers, and localize products, promotions and prices to drive loyalty in-store.


Get a 360-degree view of what brings customers to your stores. From marketing and supply chain to merchandising and labor.

Inventory optimization

Use data-driven analytics to flow and locate inventory that matters to your HLV customers—maximize in-stock, working capital and inventory ROIC.

Shape of chain

Leverage advanced analytics to optimize existing and future supply chain real estate, including stores and distribution centers.

Predictive returns

Deliver an end-to-end process to create overall return efficiencies by identifying items most likely to be returned and customers driving returns.

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Reimagine retail through a sustainability lens

The retail C-suite is emerging from a challenge only few could imagine. With the global pandemic, the industry has never undergone such a colossal trial, and it also has never been presented a more powerful opportunity to demonstrate responsibility and resilience—to build back better and emerge stronger. Retailers who adopt an environmental, social and governance (ESG) management approach will thrive again.

ESG is the new management approach

Accenture Retail

Jill Standish Q&A on the new retail ESG approach

Jill Standish, Global Retail Lead

Jill Standish presents the new retail ESG approach

Jill Standish, Global Retail Lead

Case studies

Grocer Intermarché, Microsoft and Accenture collaborated on an organization-wide data transformation.

Grocer Alepa launches innovative chatbot Block Wish to increase customer choice and convenience.

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The Power of Retail Partnership

Accenture, Microsoft and Avanade have teamed up to create a powerhouse partnership that weaves together retail industry expertise with technology solutions to drive the most value for retailers and their customers. This unique collaboration of a consulting firm, technology company and joint venture between the two, gives retailers the power to transform at scale and gain lasting competitive advantage.

In this short video, hear how leaders bring this partnership to life and describe the value that comes from co-creating highly relevant industry solutions.

Power of our Partnership: Retail Edition

Our retail leaders Jill Standish (Senior Managing Director, Accenture Retail), Corine Vives (Global Industry Lead, Avanade) and Shelley Bransten (CVP, WW Retail & Consumer Goods, Microsoft) amplify the Power of the Accenture Microsoft Business Group Partnership.

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What we think

Learn how retailers are resetting their supply chains for flexibility and scalability at the local level.

Learn how retailers can drive customer retention for the long term.

Learn how cloud can enable an adaptive retail business that can change, innovate and grow.

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