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Arca acquired to bolster 5G network capabilities
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The entire fabric of society will soon be networked

The Pervasive Network, where connectivity is unobtrusive yet always available, is moving to its next phase of evolution; and Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are finding that scaling to new growth is a deliberate and perpetual change journey, not a single transformative event.

Many CSPs are introducing next-generation services to speed up time to market as well as reduce cost. Technologies like 5G, software-defined networking (SDN), network function virtualization (NFV), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and blockchain are emerging as enablers, with the potential to combine in unpredictable new ways.

As CSPs seek to capture the promise of the Pervasive Network, they need to take advantage of the opportunities made possible by these new technologies, accelerating their current business sustainability while moving to a future-proof position.

What we do

Achieve ultra-lean management of the legacy network

while accelerating migration toward a new stack and deep densification of fiber and 5G.

Rapidly launch new software-driven services

that keep pace with customer desires and expectations.

Transform the operating model

towards customer-centricity and agility, while leveraging automation (RPA, AI) into the core culture.

Transform the cost base and the customer experience

by creating software-defined, programmable and reusable solutions driven by end-to-end orchestration.

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Capturing the promise of the Pervasive Network

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A strategy based on network DNA critical to 5G

Fashion an effective 5G strategy with ‘new DNA’.

Keeping ahead of the curve with real-time OSS

A real-time stack enabling customer centricity.

Building the Pervasive Network

Accelerate business sustainability and leadership.

Are you ready for the 5G revolution?

5G unleashes exciting new world of possibilities

Unlocking the power of the cloud

Accenture & Greg Sly, Verizon

Rakuten Mobile: Unlocking revenue potential of 5G

Accenture & Tareq Amin, Rakuten

Villa: Bringing Network Operations to life

Explore real-life network usage scenarios

Learn about Accenture’s 5G Acceleration Services

Jeff Wang, Accenture & Tejas Rao, Accenture

Accenture has been making headlines as we help our clients capture the promise of the Pervasive Network.

Accenture acquires Arca to bolster its 5G network capabilities

Acquisition enhances Accenture’s ability to drive comprehensive transformation across 5G deployment and network operations.

Accenture and AT&T bring mobile connectivity to Phillips 66 with private cellular network

The solution will lay the foundation for potential future 5G use cases, including support for Industrial Internet of Things and low latency applications.

Communications Service Providers hold the key to unlock the Future Home ecosystem, according to new book from Accenture

“The Future Home in the 5G Era” provides a roadmap for companies eager to make connected living a reality at a time when we need it most.

Eight in 10 businesses believe 5G’s impact will be significant – but concerns about security persist, Accenture study finds

Businesses believe that 5G will be the most revolutionary network evolution yet but have security concerns, according to Accenture’s global study.

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