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Retail fulfillment—thinking local, acting local

May 19, 2021


In brief

Retail omnichannel fulfillment gets closer to home

The retail shift from global to local

Driving value

Retailers deliver the customer value proposition profitably while strengthening customer relationships and the brand.

Thinking local

Retailers focus on local dynamics at regional, community, neighborhood, street and individual customer levels.

Making connections

Retailers drive transparency, sustainability and involve customers to create connections and empathy.

There is huge change happening in the retail supply chain and it’s part of retail’s responsible reset. The center of gravity is shifting from global to local—the new battleground for competitiveness.

Five fundamentals to fulfill the retail promise

Use granular data to predict the future

Instead of backward-looking, generic analysis, retailers need to get granular. They can use advanced, predictive analytics to forecast demand.

Reconfigure supply chain and retail store network

Network structure analysis helps configure the mix of nodes and the size, location and capability of each, and where investments should be made.

Microtarget inventory placement

Order management solutions that use logic and business rules to govern inventory placement are key to align stock availability with customer demand.

Reinvent last mile fulfillment

There are many options for retailers to make last mile fulfillment—the most visible customer touchpoint—more cost effective, agile and sustainable.

Pursue creative partnerships

With partners’ expertise and networks, retailers can stand-up new capabilities quickly with less time and investment to build them themselves.

An opportunity to reset retail fulfillment

Mark Johnson


Christina Shiminsky


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