Brands need a unified story that brings the brand into the entire shopping experience.

For years, companies have viewed digital marketplaces in largely transactional terms—as channels to sell products, not to deliver brand experiences. Creative was here. Commerce was there.

This mindset no longer plays in a world where people are spending less time consuming traditional media and Gen Z has such different consumption patterns and brand preferences. To harness all the value that brand experiences bring—promise, purpose, differentiation and inspiration—brands have to be where consumers are. And that is in digital marketplaces.

Bringing brand experiences to marketplaces is a literal white space. Success starts with these fundamentals:

Build more muscle

Think big, not in silos, and build skills, alignment and capabilities across the organization. Use external resources to become more data-driven.

Mix up the teams

Form teams that unite the best in creative, e-commerce and technology to create compelling experiences across all properties, including marketplaces.

Connect to create

Collaborate with channel partners to conceptualize what’s possible within the required templates. Leverage mutual interests to attract consumers.

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These are significant structural, cultural and strategic changes, no doubt. Through it all, brands must stay true to their purpose. Because it is the heart and soul of brand experiences that move consumers to purchase—and keep them coming back.

Roald van Wyk

Lead – Brand Experience for Commerce, Accenture Interactive​, Global

Jeriad Zoghby

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Omnichannel Commerce Global Lead


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