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New ways to monetize core investments, leverage tech for growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

What’s going on

Communications service providers (CSPs) have made great strides with upgraded connectivity, deeper engagement solutions and more comprehensive enterprise offerings—but their own digital capabilities have not evolved in tandem. In addition, the traditional business model is no longer sufficient to compete in today’s market. Customers now expect more than just connectivity; they want a seamless, personalized experience that meets their evolving digital needs. To succeed in this new era, CSPs must evolve their networks and elevate their customer’s experiences with a strong digital core and the vision to use it to its full potential.

What you can do

By leveraging data and generative AI to create unique, tailored customer experiences across multiple channels, you can turn the telco customer journey into an efficient, highly personalized offering package that's rooted in trust and transparency.


decrease in marketing spend when digital marketing sales and services are fully optimized

With our suite of cloud-based assets and accelerators you will speed up the implementation of modern architecture, advance your operating models and build out your capabilities with hyperscalers more efficiently.


cost reduction across core IT systems through simplification, standardization, automation and operations with cloud-native platforms, decoupling and agile architecture

Transform your network into a cloud-native platform that is agile, efficient and secure. With pre-engineered network solutions that cover the full network lifecycle, we can help you optimize, operate and monetize your cloud native network.


decrease in operational costs through improved Network service fulfillment and ticket management while improving service quality and customer satisfaction, increasing revenue by up to 10%

Address commoditization while opening new and differentiated revenues streams when you integrate your offerings with 3rd party partners to provide managed and differentiated services like smart home, connected health, video and more.

Tap into the nascent opportunity by providing SMBs with a consistent support and shopping experience across different channels, offering clarity of how purchased solutions can benefit their business.


uplift in lead conversion

Offer more than connectivity to your enterprise clients’ expanding operational needs. Your growth strategy should address the demand for an integrated platform that brings together devices, 5G private networks, edge cloud and security with end-to-end solutions and services.

Our leaders

Francesco Venturini

Communications & Media Industry Sector Lead

Peters Suh

Senior Managing Director – Communications & Media, North America

Boris Maurer

Managing Director – Communications & Media Lead, EMEA

Paolo Sidoti

Managing Director – Communications & Media, Growth Markets, Asia, Australia, Africa and Middle East

Saulo Bonizzato

Senior Managing Director – Communications & Media, Growth Markets, Latin America