Call for change

Customer experiences are reshaping expectations for every interaction. Air passengers aren’t comparing their current trip to their last one - they’re comparing it to the frictionless way they can order a cab or buy products online.

Singapore’s Changi Airport is committed to continually raising the bar in customer experience. Changi wanted to apply these high standards to make digital experiences as enjoyable as physical experiences. How could they delight travelers to drive increased loyalty and revenue per customer?

Beyond the airport

Creating a seamless digital and physical experience is a powerful differentiator for today’s travelers. With four terminals, over 400 retail shops and tens of thousands of travelers passing through daily, Changi wanted to deliver greater personalization to travelers wherever they are—no matter what digital channel they use. They partnered with Accenture to create personalized experiences for passengers before, during and after their travels.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Laying the runway

Changi first needed to consolidate the customer, shopping and travel data dispersed throughout the company. Together, we helped create a new master data management platform that offers a holistic view of the customer. An integrated campaign management platform dips into this data pool to drive personalized marketing campaigns to customers across channels.

Ready for take-off

Once Changi could see customer activities and interests, we created new digital products and services across mobile and web that serve and anticipate customer needs.

  • New analytics and dashboards help decipher shopper spend behavior and preferences. They arm Changi marketers with data insights, like customer purchase history, to improve sales/promotion performance and better serve customers.
  • Microsegment targeting for online ads and a new mobile channel for in-store promotions are helping Changi acquire new customers. A wi-fi sign-up page encourages travelers to share their details and targets them for new promotions and membership programs
  • Changi is engaging with passengers via a virtual assistant chatbot that can respond to customer queries 24/7 about travel/flights, shopping, entertainment, lost property and navigation matters.
  • Changi is sending targeted personalized offers and services—based on preferences and behaviors—to the right customers in the right location at the right time. They can measure and analyze the results to finetune the right product/promotional mix for each customer.

Delivering fast, agile, inside-out innovation

Accenture didn’t just bring new technology to Changi—we brought new ways of working through close, on-site collaboration. Our design-thinking approach centered the digital experience around the customer. The team created a start-up environment that experimented rapidly to learn what delights the customer (or doesn’t) and use that information to drive results. This helped get new digital experiences to customers quickly.

"Accenture helped us drive innovations at speed and at scale so we can present Changi customers with personalized, stress-free and positively surprising experiences."

— STEVE LEE, Chief Information Officer and Group Senior Vice President of Technology – Changi Airport Group

A valuable difference

Whether using the web or mobile at home, on vacation or in the airport, Changi customers get personalized shopping and entertainment offers, as well as answers to their travel questions anytime, anywhere. With new experiences that delight and engage the customer and improve service levels, Changi is driving up retail traffic, loyalty and revenue per customer.

Most importantly, Changi now has the technology, skills and new ways of working in place to continually reinvent the way they engage with customers in real-time. These capabilities are helping Changi be more responsive to market changes to head off travel industry disruption and maintain the mantle of “World’s Best Airport.”

These changes are also helping to:

  • Improve marketing spend and campaign take-up rates.
  • Enhance insights for business decision-making.
  • Enrich collaboration with CAG partners.
"As consumer trends and expectations evolve, we need to leverage new technologies to deliver seamless experiences before, during and after travel."

— JEFFREY LOKE, Senior Vice President, Pricing and Commercial Strategy – Changi Airport Group

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