The Accenture board of directors (the "Board") welcomes your questions and comments

Any interested parties, including shareholders, who would like to communicate directly with the Board, our independent directors as a group or our independent lead director, may submit their communication to: 

By mail

Accenture Board of Directors
c/o Secretary
161 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60601

By e-mail

Contact Accenture's Office of the Company Secretary

Your communication will be received and processed by Accenture's Office of the Company Secretary.

Accenture Business Ethics Line

We also have established mechanisms for receiving, retaining and addressing concerns or complaints. You may report any such concerns at Business Ethics Helpline or by calling the Accenture Business Ethics Line at +1 312-737-8262.

Our Code of Business Ethics and underlying policies prohibit any retaliation or other adverse action against anyone for raising a concern. Employees may raise concerns in an anonymous manner in accordance with the instructions for the Accenture Business Ethics Line.

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