Sustainability by design

We have put sustainability at the heart of our business – building our capabilities and integrating sustainability into everything we do.

Built in, not bolted on

With the UN Sustainable Development Goals as our North Star, our approach is unique and ambitious, helping companies take action to reach, and even surpass, their sustainability targets.

Whether you come to us for strategy and consulting or technology, interactive and operations services, we’ll show you a path to impact and value through sustainability.

We will help you make your business and operating models more sustainable and exceed your stakeholders’ increasingly high expectations.

We’re also embedding a sustainability mindset across our own business. We are building the ‘Sustainability Quotient’ of all Accenture people, so that they always ask: How can this have a better, more sustainable outcome? How does this drive change to solve for the SDGs?

We’ll deliver on our value promise to our clients by embedding a sustainability mindset into everything we do.

A new way of delivering value

Integrating sustainability means meaningfully redefining how we think, create and measure value and sustainability impact.

We think differently about everything from evaluating risk to improving brand value.

We collaborate with our network of partners to develop new ways to uncover and create value through revenue growth and cost reduction opportunities.

Lastly, through our Value Meter, we help our clients measure every single component of the value and impact created on their sustainability agenda.

As we transform Accenture for all of our stakeholders, we will work tirelessly until we reach the day when, for our clients and their communities, sustainability is not just good business—it’s business as usual.

Leaders who integrate sustainability into their corporate strategies can unlock shared value for both their business and society.

Business perspectives

Accenture shares the different levels of ambition that organizations can expect as they begin their journey toward a sustainable cloud.

How can you drive sustainability and the circular economy at speed and scale with the virtual twin technology?

Accenture & WEF Young Global Leaders report social, economic & environment challenges of the 2020s require 5 elements of responsible leadership.

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Industry perspectives

Local fulfilment can make last mile delivery faster, cheaper and greener. Learn how the whole last mile ecosystem must work together to meet sustainability goals.

Accenture and the world economic forum are proposing a five-level taxonomy towards the circular car.

Accenture details how oil and gas leaders can lead an energy decarbonization transition to achieve 80% decarbonized energy emissions by 2050.

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