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Public Service

Citizen experience

Design services for people, not agencies

Why citizen experience matters


of people we surveyed say government agency processes and interactions are intuitive


of people we surveyed feel their concerns aren’t treated with sensitivity when they interact with a government agency


of people we surveyed rank “in person” as a top channel they’d like to use when accessing government information


of people we surveyed are more likely to use digital technology to access government services if they had more confidence in data security and privacy

What you can do

Make it easy for people to get the help and outcomes they need.

Strike the right balance between digital and human interactions, serving with empathy.

Strengthen security practices to help grow people’s confidence in government — both as a service provider and as an employer.

Serve people more effectively and improve the public employee experience by making strategic and situational choices in how your agency uses digital tools.

Each person has a collection of distinct attributes like their name, date of birth, occupation, academic credentials and health status that - if stored, trusted and verified in a secure digital vault - can enable a more seamless experiences for individuals.

Invite input from people to develop public service experiences that are based on understanding, not assumptions.

Prepare the public service workforce with the skills they need to work in new ways, while growing their confidence and engagement.

Bring a whole-of-government approach to service delivery grounded in “how people live” rather than “how government is structured.”

Build people’s confidence, awareness and understanding of what programs are available — and what they need to do to receive them — while focusing on equitable access and reach.

What you’ll achieve

Increased confidence in government

Developing services and experiences with a human-centered approach, public-service organizations can have a positive impact on public confidence in government.

More positive outcomes

Simple, human and secure interactions with public service agencies create better experiences that drive more positive outcomes for communities.

Our leader

Kevin Ellenwood

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Public Service Customer Experience