The core of value creation

The world is more unpredictable than ever. It’s time to transform your business models to create long-term, 360° value in the enterprise.

Rethinking competitiveness

Today’s business world sees years of experience become outdated and long-established markets break down within days. As a decision-maker, this reality confronts you with a simple truth. You need a holistic transformation rather than isolated point solution approaches in order to achieve long-term success. Companies must adapt their mindset to build data-driven work processes and decision cultures. Then, and only then, can they respond to new situations faster.

The key to success is an integrated approach that meshes technology and the company’s organization to bring new business models, products, and services to market in the shortest possible time. The goal is sustainable added value – for partners, customers, and employees.

The question is: How can you transform your business model today to be competitive tomorrow?

The answer is the New Digital Core.

With the New Digital Core, new business models are emerging that create real benefits, are sustainable, and position companies competitively for the future.

New Digital Core: The heart of transformation

The New Digital Core is a digital representation of your company that brings together all your applications, services, and data via the cloud. Based on this foundation, all business areas fall under one network built on automated, intelligent processes that also integrate customers and partners into the value chain. Business models can be quickly implemented or adapted, with product development and response times shortened. You create a positive, compelling experience for your customers that generates long-term loyalty.

With the new digital heart of your company, new value is created not just selectively, but everywhere – in other words, in 360°.

Your benefits

The 360° approach quickly leads your projects to lasting success. That is true regardless of your aim, whether you plan to restructure your company’s value creation or accelerate existing processes – for example, to launch new services on the market.

The all-round approach

Holistic rather than selective innovation means optimizing the overall business, the employee experience, the corporate culture and much besides.

Hidden value

Your legacy systems contain untapped value. We identify that value and bring together existing and innovative new technologies in a meaningful way.

Measurable success

Key figures show at all times the added value you can expect from your digitization project. They even show how much of it you have already achieved.

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Automotive industry: Outstanding order picking

In the automotive and supplier industry, logistics plays the main role in production. In parts picking, the process nonetheless requires the human touch to deal with sensitive motion sequences. However, the various pick assistance systems must be connected individually to the warehouse management system. At BMW Group, a new picking platform now bundles everything into one system. Picking is faster, software costs are lower, and new workstations can be set up without IT support. Employees just have to decide for themselves whether they prefer to use data glasses or a forearm display. The German Association of the Automotive Industry presented the project with the VDA Logistics Award 2021.

In discrete industries, the Internet of Things and platform business are a determined aspect of their futures. To fully realize the potential benefits of these, discrete industries need a New Digital Core.

Pharma: Innovative therapies, satisfied patients

A large pharmaceutical company serving the German-speaking region in Europe has two main aims for the future. The first is to launch innovative therapies and healthcare services faster; the second is to develop suitable, results-based billing models. The overall goal is to exceed customer expectations while simultaneously increasing margins. Together with Accenture, the company is building a New Digital Core, where existing business processes and interfaces to partners and customers converge. Patient data can be analyzed in real time, paving the way for more personalized treatments. At the same time, the platform is promoting a complete cultural shift – one that will create a digital and agile organization.

What is the most important skill in today’s business environment? Quickly grasping complex situations and making the right decisions immediately. The data that enables this is brought together and processed in the New Digital Core.

Process industry: Reliable real-time data

In both exploring new resource deposits and during production, oil and gas companies have a great need for quality in data and analysis. OMV relies on a New Digital Core for both. With this technology, the group is creating the basis for an enterprise-wide digital platform. Overarching functions such as finance and procurement are now centralized and standardized in the cloud. Production and financial data will be constantly available in real time.

For your industry

For every industry, change means something different. Whether you want to found a new digital start-up or create a network to seamlessly connect existing processes, we can support you in finding and implementing value creation models that fit your business.

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