Change with a capital C

The coronavirus has rapidly made "business as usual" a phrase from the distant past. There is no "usual" in this uncertain time. But organizations who outmaneuver uncertainty create a resilience they can count on, no matter the changes that come.

C-suite executives have their work cut out for them. They need to focus on strategies to balance the immediate needs of their customers, employees and communities, with a return to long-term competitiveness. Resilience is made in times like these.

We can help, beginning with some our best thinking on how to maximize your business strategy right now.

Coronavirus strategy business reports

The big value shift

Accenture analyses how changing consumer behaviors are reshaping value chains, redistributing US$3 trillion in value.

Busting the myths of agile transformation

Accenture shares what organizations need to do in order to build intelligent operating models within organizations post the COVID-19 crisis.

Solving for liquidity, profitability and enterprise value during uncertain times

Accenture highlights how businesses can manage enterprise value and liquidity to solve financial challenges caused by COVID-19.

Building the intelligent enterprise to create agility and resiliency

Accenture details how building intelligent enterprises that serves customer needs with agility can help navigate disruptions caused by COVID-19.

Finding new growth in a time of crisis

Accenture highlights how enterprises can protect core revenue and customers now while finding new growth paths next amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Making M&A pay

Accenture's analysis of M&A show that with the impact of COVID-19, there is value beyond the deal for a companies revenue and profitability.

Rebalance for resilience with M&A

Accenture details how the mergers & acquisitions market can adapt and rebalance to build resilience throughout the COVID-19 disruption.

A brand. New. Purpose.

Accenture highlights how businesses should evaluate their brand purpose to elevate their social impact in response to COVID-19.

Zero-based Technology to fuel growth post COVID-19

Accenture explores the benefits of Zero-based technology (ZBT), a value-based alternative to traditional IT cost reduction, in the post COVID-19 world.

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