World ID Travel

Restore travel confidence and ensure traveler and citizen safety through a solution to enable secure sharing of health credentials.

A safety-first approach to restarting travel

World ID is a platform that allows individual pre-travel health assessment, ensuring compliance with entry rules while minimizing infection risk and enabling a safer restart to travel. The paperless solution helps reduce fraud and time at check-in.


Governments can ensure citizen safety, with pre-departure clearance for travelers. They can set and proactively check their health entry rules to reflect actual risk for cross-border and internal travel.


Airlines can ensure their passengers have the right health credentials to comply with the destination country's current health entry requirements before they travel and restore travel confidence.


Airports can restore travel confidence, protect staff and return to more normal operations by knowing travelers are safe to travel before they leave home and enabling touchless processing.

High-speed rail

Railroad companies can ensure compliance with destination requirements and restore travel confidence with pre-travel compliance checks.


Hotels can protect guests and employees at the hotel with pre-arrival checks, ensuring they are tested and/or vaccinated.

Cruise ships

Cruise operators can ensure compliance with cruise ports entry requirements and implement pre-arrival checks as well as daily test results.


Resorts can help protect employees and guests with pre-arrival checks.

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Taking the uncertainty out of travel

Through a secure app on their personal device, travelers can share their health and other information relevant to their ability to travel with organizations they trust. Travelers are in control of their data and can claim and share attestations with institutions they trust. Travelers can arrive at their destination with confidence, knowing that all fellow travelers have disclosed the health and safety accreditations required to facilitate their journey. The result? The relaunch of air travel – while safeguarding the health and safety of travelers, employees and citizens.

What makes our solution unique

An open, flexible and extensible solution built on a next-gen technology platform, shaped by deep industry expertise across health, travel, governments, borders. Proven in the World Economic Forum Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI) project, for passportless cross-border travel.

Industry expertise

Supported by deep cross-industry expertise ensuring alignment with the travel, borders, health and identity ecosystems.


Digital health credentials shared through privacy-preserving distributed identity technology enable secure pre-travel risk assessment.

Open APIs

Open APIs allow for the creation of a fully integrated customer experience without the need for separate apps or additional hardware.

Turnkey compliance

Turnkey personal heath data and privacy compliance ensuring customer data is protected without transfer of liability.


Access to a comprehensive, scalable network of health testing providers able to scale rapidly to address customer demand as travel volumes recover.


Following best practice in distributed identity and designed to interoperate with other identity-based systems.

Future-proof flexibility

Readily configured to respond to evolving health standards and changing governmental entry requirements.

Ecosystem agnostic

Compliant with the latest standards and designed to integrate seamlessly with leading vendors in biometrics, healthcare and travel.

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Collaboration for renewed travel confidence

Accenture brings the right players from the travel, healthcare and government ecosystem together through World ID Travel.

Unlocking real value with World ID Travel technology

World ID Travel offers real and tangible benefits across all stakeholders from governments to airlines, airports, hotels, resorts, cruise operators, travelers and employees. As health entry requirements become more prevalent, these benefits will grow over time:

Reduce compliance costs

Avoid suspension of flying rights and non-compliance fines by consistent verification of traveler complicity with entry requirements. Reduce operational costs through streamlined and automated passenger processes.

Seamless traveler experiences

Facilitating and confirming pre-travel health entry rules compliance and facilitating touchless journeys will reduce friction and boost satisfaction.

Enhance traveler safety

Proactive health checking to catch unhealthy travelers before they leave home and further minimizing risks associated with physical checks that could exacerbate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Traveling with confidence

Comprehensive pre-travel testing will increase traveler confidence and reduce anxiety, leading to greater passenger numbers and revenue.

Reduce public health risks

Allowing the rapid deployment and effective enforcement of travel health rules will reduce the risk of importing and spreading the disease to wider populations.

Economic and social benefits

Replacing travel bans and unwieldy blanket quarantines with an individualized, risk-based approach will allow travel resumption with huge benefits to the travel and transport industry, the wider economy and society.

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