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Not "if’ but a "when"

In today’s always-on, data-driven business, operating in real time is no longer an aspiration—it’s a necessity. Enterprises across industries must engage with customers in new and more meaningful ways.

SAP S/4HANA provides a platform well suited to the demands of the intelligent enterprise, and it’s now core to our clients’ digital transformation agenda.

Our SAP practitioners use Accenture myConcerto, our insight-driven, digitally integrated platform that orchestrates enterprise transformation, to build your business case and plot your SAP S/4HANA conversion roadmap. We help you navigate risk and carefully weigh the variables unique to your organization’s existing systems, architecture and technology.

How we help

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for SAP S/4HANA conversion. Each organization must determine the right timetable for its specific resourcing and scheduling requirements. But our experience proves that those that move early are poised to get the most out of applications expressly designed for the digital world and are the first to benefit from SAP S/4HANA innovations.

We’ve helped clients achieve results through several conversion and deployment paths, many of them to cloud.

What we offer

Our team is here to provide the knowledge, experience and tools to support any organization along its end-to-end SAP S/4HANA conversion journey.

We’ve collaborated with SAP for more than 40 years, and our SAP practitioners, numbering over 50,000, have served thousands of clients around the world.

Accenture myConcerto helps to make the right investments, navigate complexity and realize value quickly.

Our SAP S/4HANA conversion approach brings all conversion activities together, accelerating all the technical steps required by applying industrialized processes. The end-to-end conversion process goes from designing and sizing the SAP S/4HANA landscape, through planning, procuring, deploying and testing of every aspect.

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