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Swiss Top500 2022 – Venture Beyond

June 22, 2022 10-MINUTE READ


In brief

How Swiss companies are leading the way with ecosystem partnerships

M. Hegele & Z. Waelchli on ecosystem partnerships

Analysis based on 168 companies with available revenues and net profit data for the last 5 years.Source: Accenture Research Analysis on Top500 database.

A steeper climb for those venturing beyond

Supply chain resilience as prime real estate

Companies remain aware of the ongoing supply chain bottlenecks and their strains on several sectors.

K-shaped recovery

The desperate post-pandemic economic recovery in Europe will affect consumer spending, government policies, and market expectations.

Inflation remains worrisome

Inflation remains high in Switzerland’s export markets during H1 2022, affecting consumer spending and directly impacting B2C companies.

The sustainability marathon

Swiss executives remain committed to achieving net-zero for their company.

Pulling together in times of turmoil

Swiss companies wholeheartedly consider ecosystems the key to resilience and further growth.

A successful venture

Analysis on 113 Swiss companies. Accenture Research analysis on Factset Supply Chain database.

Are ecosystem partnerships for everyone?

Less is more

ETPs hone in on a considered set of objectives such as innovation, sustainability, and cost efficiency.

Build on success

ETPs employ growth strategies such as scaling up distribution, expanding to new markets, and transforming existing business through innovation.

Cultural alignment

ETPs tend to be more selective when it comes to building a sustainable partnership culture.

Successful ecosystem partners examples

Venturing towards a more resilient future


Fight or flight: Scaling new heights for success

Meet the team

Marco Huwiler

Country Managing Director - Accenture Switzerland and Strategy & Consulting Lead ASG

Matthias Hégelé

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations Lead DACH

Zeynep Waelchli

Managing Director – Products Client Group Lead Accenture Switzerland

Mauro Centonze

Senior Manager – Accenture Research

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