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CASE STUDY Campari Group

A new HR spirit at Campari Group

HR adds a sharper twist to the business mix


Building the foundation for reinvention

Is it possible to transform 160 years of corporate culture? It is when you are focused on improving your employees’ experience to support the growth of your business.

Campari Group, a major player in the global spirits industry, was aware that sustained market success depended not only on its +50 iconic brands but also on its in-house talent. With a focus on combining organic growth through brand building while also growing through mergers and acquisitions, they sought to improve the employee experience to better support company goals. 

To meet Campari Group's strategic requirements for change, Accenture designed, built, and implemented an innovative HR portal and revised Global HR processes. And the benefits were immediate. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and enjoyable employee experience, mirroring the way Camparistas interact with their personal devices. In fact, the benefits of the digitized processes quickly became clear through analysis of engagement. Of the more than 3,700 employees currently deployed on the MyHR portal, 80% of them have accessed the portal and more than 1,300 accesses are made through the portal each week.  

In addition, Campari Group received a 4.4 out of 5 satisfaction rating of candidates and hiring managers through the new global talent acquisition process, reducing time to fill open positions by 30%.

Cutting complexities to concentrate on experience

All employees want timely access to information and less complexity with the tools they use every day. That meant addressing multiple HR areas like Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Talent Development, Performance Management, Reward, International Mobility, and HR Admin services.

International growth at Campari Group lead to organizational changes in the HR functions as well. Over-engineered processes were compromising efficiency for effective employee placement and development, and fragmented procedures were causing inconsistencies. Ultimately, the employee experience differed significantly by region and talent was not being acquired and managed optimally.

Throughout the project, Accenture worked closely with the dedicated project team to deliver timely, cost-effective, and high-quality HR processes. Collaboration began with design workshops, where insights were gathered from global and regional process leads to redesign and improve HR journeys.  Then we adapted the current SAP SuccessFactors configuration to align with the new HR processes and services.

In addition, the adoption of ServiceNow, re-branded internally as MyHR, is at the heart of the transformation for Campari Group employees, offering a customized approach that directs employees and managers, suiting their HR needs. The one-stop-shop approach to HR helps streamline internal processes as it delivers more confidence and less confusion to employees seeking engagement with relevant HR news, performance, rewards outcomes, policies and procedure, and other HR topics.

An employee engagement measuring tool provides valuable data on process adoption and areas for improvement. We also worked with Campari Group to develop a transformation communication agenda and training plan, ensuring that HR, Camparistas, and managers remained aligned with project progress and releases.

In step with the spirit of the times

Campari Group, its HR function and employees across the globe are now enjoying the benefits of newly harmonized global HR processes.

The digitized solution we implemented has enhanced employees’ knowledge of how their company’s HR ecosystem operates, level of transparency and understanding of HR Processes and their level of satisfaction.

Campari Group is focusing on HR - the people ingredient - to accentuate the flavor and substance of its business for a more satisfying, seamless, and rewarding employee experience.

Talent acquisition results


Reduction in average time spent filling open positions


Satisfaction rating among candidates and hiring managers on new talent acquisition process

MyHR portal results


Of total eligible users accessed to MyHR


Employee accesses to MyHR each week

Our leaders

Stefania Filippone

Managing Director – Accenture

Pamela Macovaz

Managing Director – Talent & Organization for CG&S

Filippo Desiderio

Principal Director – Talent & Organization

Andrea Zagato

Senior Manager – Talent & Organization