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Case Study

The future of productivity

Using Microsoft Teams to bring data, insights and apps to where our people work.

Call for change

“Microsoft Teams helps our people to get work done faster—ultimately, it’s a platform for teamwork and a springboard to business value.”

— Jason Warnke, Senior Managing Director – Global IT, Global Digital Experiences Lead

When tech meets human ingenuity

Personal apps

Embedded Web experience within Teams, personalized to an individual user.

Tab apps

Apps added as a tab within a targeted Team, channel, or group chat providing embedded experiences for all members.


Chatbots providing text-based interactions to either individuals or within a Team or channel.

Messaging extensions

Shortcuts to insert content or take actions on Instant Message (IM) messages without leaving Teams chat.

Meeting extensions

Apps tied to individual Teams meetings.

Platform roadmap

A valuable difference

Meet the team

Jason Warnke

Senior Managing Director – Global IT, Digital Experiences Lead

Karen Odegaard

Managing Director – Global IT, Technology Platforms

Grant Gengelbach

Director – Global IT, Technology Platforms

Ryan Harvill

Senior Manager – Global IT, Technology Platforms