June 21-25 | virtual event

Accenture Interactive at Cannes Lions Live 2021

This year at Cannes Lions Live, Accenture Interactive showcased how we are using creativity, technology and deep human and business insights to reimagine experiences. Through both live and on-demand content, we brought the best of the best to celebrate the power of creativity.

Experience matters: What should we reimagine next?
The notion of seamless experiences isn’t new, but it has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The expectations people have from brands has fundamentally changed – it’s opened up a whole new generation of experiences, habits, rituals and unmet needs.

Accenture Interactive’s former CEO Brian Whipple explores how certain human experiences have been left untouched and speaks with top leaders who have reimagined their business through the lens of experience.
Music, Advertising & Good
Winning an incredible three Lions at this year's festival – including a coveted Grand Prix in the Creative Data category – Rothco, part of Accenture Interactive and music giants Warner Music & Apple collaborated to conduct the largest lyrical data-analysis in history to quantify the therapeutic value of popular songs. They built playlists on Apple Music geared towards specific problem sounds and filled with songs that can be used as tools to help young people conquer speech impediments. "Saylists" are a shining example of ‘corporate responsibility gone right’.

This session draws a line between the everyday tasks we do, the tools we all have at our disposal, and the good that can be accomplished when we look outside the brief.
Innovating ecommerce: The rise of new business models by blending creativity, culture and ecommerce
As brands grapple for attention, it’s not enough to understand culture; you need to be a part of creating it. Snow Beer, China’s largest beer brand, is cultivating unique branded experiences.

In this session, Zhaojiao Bi, Marketing Lead at Snow Breweries, together with Mark Shan from Accenture Interactive, share learnings on how ecommerce can go beyond materialism, how the virtual and physical can seamlessly coexist, and how creativity can go beyond advertising campaigns and instead create new business models for brands.
Believe the hype: Transforming the fashion business through creativity and technology
Accenture Interactive and OTB have come together to create HypeRoom: the new all-digital, all-virtual showroom that collects some of the most influential fashion brands in the world. For the first time in decades no one needs to travel all the way to Milan but can simply log into HypeRoom and experience the world and collections of Diesel, Marni, Margiela, Dsquared and Just Cavalli, to name just a few. Is this the future of B2B fashion? How might this type of experience evolve in the future, and how will the retail space evolve as a result?

In this session we explore the hype around virtual showrooms and explore which trends will stay – and which will go.

Our awards for 2021

Cannes Lions Live Awards
We celebrated 23 Lions and a number of firsts this year. ‘Verbal Spontaneity – Personality Retention (Peter 2.0)’ from Fjord, part of Accenture Interactive and multiple entries of Droga5’s work for Petco won our first ever accolades in the Health & Wellness category – an indication of the rising importance of experience across industries. This year also marked the second time Accenture Interactive has won top honors in Creative Data, the first time any agency has won this category twice since its inception in 2015.​

Accenture Interactive Lions 2021:
Grand Prix Lions: 1
Gold Lions: 1
Silver Lions: 6
Bronze Lions: 15

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