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Emma Bruni


Management Consulting Analyst



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Honors of Business Administration from Ivey Business School

"I could not imagine working in a more personally and professionally fulfilling career than at Accenture. Since joining the firm I have had the opportunity to work with incredibly passionate and dynamic people while partnering with my clients to drive towards success. "

What I Do

As a management consulting analyst, I design and implement large-scale business transformations in partnership with the world’s leading companies. Our customized and innovative solutions seamlessly blend business, technology and operations. Outside of project work, I am heavily involved in the Accenture recruiting initiatives. I lead the buddy program for new joiners and co-lead the intern program for Canada. I also help to write and publish strategic research papers on the retail industry.

Day in my Life

I have been staffed locally in Toronto since starting with Accenture. This is great for me as I am always on the go outside of work. While no day is the same in consulting, a “typical” day may look like this on my current project:

  • 6:30AM: Wake up, get ready for work and make my highly necessary latte (I used to be a barista and still can’t go a day without coffee!)

  • 7:30AM: Meet up with my teammates and carpool to the client office. This time around my client is right outside the city so we like to spend the carpooling time joking around, listening to music or getting a bit of pre-work done.

  • 8:15AM: Prepping for the day. The morning is my time to make sure I have all my materials completed and ready for my upcoming meetings. I tend to have a lot of meetings to strategize with the client, which can fill up my calendar quickly.

  • 9:30AM-12:30PM:Meetings with various client stakeholders on a wide variety of topics that fall under the workstream I am currently managing.

  • 12:30PM-1:00PM: Lunch time! I usually pick up something to eat while catching up on phone notifications and personal emails for a few minutes. Then I’ll either sit with my coworkers or sit at my desk to get some extracurricular emails sent.

  • 1:00PM-5:30PM: More meetings with a spattering of free time to get work done at my desk. Afternoons are always jam-packed but very productive! By end of day we’ve usually made a lot of strategic and directional decisions on the solution that we are implementing.

  • 5:30-6:00PM: Time to head out! Carpool back to the city involves loud music, singalongs and discussion of what to eat for dinner.

  • 7:00PM-11:00PM: A typical evening usually involves hitting the gym, cleaning the apartment or running errands, and getting dinner with friends. I like to eat out and try new restaurants for dinner. I will try to get home for 11:00PM to read or study French.

  • In bed by 12:00AM!

Outside the Office

Outside of work at Accenture I love to do three things: make to-do lists, travel and eat. I am a chronic goal setter and will always add new things to try on my list- most recently, a UX design class and pottery making. I also seek any opportunity to travel and learn from other cultures. My last trip was four days to Reykjavik, Iceland! Finally, I love to eat: whether it be trying new restaurants and foods or Nonna’s (my grandmother) best home-cooked Italian food.

My Advice

Try saying yes to things entirely foreign to you! There is endless opportunity at Accenture to grow through new experiences and people. Just showing up to something new and unfamiliar can lead to a world of great experiences, learning and new contacts.