David T.

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David T.


Managing Director, Account Lead and Canada Health and Public Service Digital Lead



Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Account Leadership


Bachelor of Science, Honours in Psychology
"Accenture has provided me the opportunity to continue to evolve my skillset and dive into exciting new client transformation areas such as digital."

What I Do

I am responsible for Account Leadership activities at several Canada Health and Public Service accounts, which involves working with our clients to identify solutions and lead integrated teams to address our clients’ largest challenges. I am also the Digital Lead for Canada Health and Public Service, leading our “go-to-market” activities to address the digital transformation that many clients are now embarking on. Although I currently work with the Canada Health and Public Service team, I have spent much of my career leading change transformation initiatives in cities across North America, working in a variety of industries such as Mining, Resources, Retail and Government.

Day in my Life

My day-to-day activities have me leading our client engagements delivering transformational initiatives. This includes activities such as: identifying initiatives to address client strategic and operational challenges, managing our sales and negotiation process to secure our contracts, and constantly networking in the marketplace to continue to identify new business opportunities. As a digital advocate I am active on social media, enhancing Accenture’s and my professional brand as “Digital Dave.”

At Accenture we don’t conduct our work in isolation. What I value the most in our company is the global industry knowledge and teaming culture that we can leverage. Whether I’m faced with a problem that I haven’t seen before, or looking for global examples of how we apply our expertise, I am enabled from a people network and technology perspective to tap into our global ecosystem to gain the support, content and client examples to bring into our local marketplace.

Outside the Office

As successful professionals we have an obligation and responsibility to maintain active community involvement. I volunteer across several community organizations such as the United Way, Military Family Services and Ottawa’s Safe Neighborhoods. I am also active in my young children’s activities volunteering and coaching soccer and hockey. Prior to having a young family, I moonlighted as an Irish Punk accordion musician recording a few albums and touring Canadian and European festivals. Although I travelled extensively with work for a number of years, I still have the travel bug with my family.

My Advice

A few tips:

  1. Explore opportunities around your passion.

  2. Write down 3 professional career objectives so you’ll know what you’re looking for.

  3. Not every role you will have will be glamorous, but take the learnings and build upon them for the next.

  4. Constantly network. Amidst all of our technology, we are driven by human interactions and relationships.

  5. “It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up” (Babe Ruth). We often work on difficult challenges and job hunting can be equally challenging. Persist and achieve success.