Automate HR correspondence

Accenture Quick Document Builder (AQDB) cost-efficiently automates correspondence sent to employees and managers, saving valuable time and resources.

Save valuable time and resources

AQDB automates repetitive tasks and supports compliance demands to help HR departments to be more productive.

Save time and money

Speed up document creation by automatically integrating and standardizing relevant data and text modules.

Lower TCO

Utilize AQDB's ability to run on SAP® NetWeaver™ and integration with SAP SuccessFactors to lower total cost of ownership.

Increase scale

Expand areas of adoption (ESS, Shared Services) to improve scale and elasticity.

Improve compliance

Achieve document and data integrity through the use of pre-approved content.

Create templates

Benefit from a shorter learning curve by creating templates in Microsoft Word.

Generate documents

Generate documents either in bulk, or ad-hoc in the format (HTML/PDF/A) that best suits the activity.

Improve functionality

Access to more than 600 data fields from SAP ERP HCM, SAP eRecruiting and from within SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and Talent Management.

Automate data

Make employee information available from SAP ERP and SAP eRecruiting by entering the personnel number.

Integrate data

More than 600 data fields are pre-configured; these can be expanded to meet the individual company requirements.

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Accenture Quick Document Builder

Accenture found that 80 percent of executives admit they don’t have a standard way to create HR documents. See how AQDB helps to make the most of your existing human capital management system. Learn more.

As a long-term customer ZF Friedrichshafen AG has used AQDB for many years now – in this case study ZF Friedrichshafen AG shares experiences working with the solution and provides insights into its new correspondence management system. Learn more.

Quick Document Builder AQDB

Accenture Quick Document Builder (AQDB) automates the production and management of correspondence documents to achieve high performance. See more.

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