Sustainability Measurement, Analytics and Performance

Pressure is growing for more transparency, accountability and action around sustainability. It’s time for new sustainability metrics.

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Time for new sustainability metrics

Measures that matter

Now is the time to transform organizations to deliver on sustainable value and impact. This starts with a strategy, but that must include clear, quantitative metrics to measure whether the strategy is having the desired impact.

For most companies, this will require reinvention from the ground up, from technology systems to operations to supply chains to people and organization, to deliver against a new sustainability imperative. The right set of metrics builds trust with stakeholders, enables better sustainability decisions, and directly connects actions to financial value and ESG impact.

Failing to address the sustainability imperative means opening your organization to reputational and financial risk AND missing the opportunities to grow and create new value.

Accenture highlights how leaders can manage and measure sustainable performance for long-term value and impact.


The Accenture 360° Value Reporting Experience

All Accenture reporting in one place. Measuring value in all directions.


The four ‘R’ challenges

Organizations must contend with four big challenges today, and all must be measured quantitatively and transparently

Rising urgency

Customers, employees, stakeholders and regulatory bodies are demanding transparency and accountability around sustainability.


There is a massive risk to organizations incurring higher costs and reputational damage if their ESG ratings are poor.


Increasingly, sustainability disclosures are an audit requirement and organizations will be held accountable for their actions.


Sustainable business will create new winners and losers – those that prioritize sustainable measurement, value and impact will have the edge.

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How Volkswagen is driving clarity and confidence in their sustainability strategy

How Accenture can help

Gone are the days when companies could measure the good they were doing for the business and just talk about the good they were doing for the planet.

CEOs, CFOs and other executives now have an obligation to align value with values. As part of setting the strategy, there are three fundamental steps for organizations to take:


Diagnose your current ESG exposure, paying attention to both the positive and negative impacts.


Define your new strategy, including which KPIs to measure, with the current and expected regulatory environment in mind.


Capture and organize relevant internal and external ESG data to gain real-time visibility and guide your decisions to optimize value and impact.

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Why Accenture

Accenture provides the tools, technology, and methodologies to support every stage of the process.

We recognize that the sustainability landscape is ever-changing. We can’t predict how regulations will evolve, how people will behave after the pandemic, or what the impact of further economic changes might be. But what we are sure of is that the future will be about aligning value with values.

Organizations have the opportunity to use technology to their advantage, to anticipate different possible futures, and to start unlocking value by measuring against their values.

Accenture invests in Arabesque S-Ray to expand analytics capabilities for clients seeking growth from sustainability.

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Measuring sustainability to create value

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