Azure Search services

A full range of consulting and implementation services combined with secure connectors for Azure Search applications.

Get more value from your Azure Search application

Azure Search leverages Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to bring robust search-as-a-service and big data analytics solutions, without the need to manage the infrastructure.

A Microsoft Partner, we’ve helped various enterprises build cloud-based search and analytics applications hosted on Azure as well as deploy intelligent Azure Search applications.

Experienced with Microsoft technologies, from FAST and SharePoint to Office 365 and Azure, we bring a full range of Azure Search consulting and implementation services to help your organization unlock more value from Azure Search.

Azure Search services for enterprises

Our complete range of consulting and implementation services for Azure Search includes:

Strategy consulting

Define project goals and planning your Azure Search implementation strategy.

Search assessment

Review your current technology infrastructure and recommend the best approach for implementation.


Configure Azure Search for various business use cases, from enterprise search and web-facing search applications to advanced BI and analytics applications.

Content processing and enrichment

Provide technology assets and proven methods for efficient ingestion, enrichment, normalization, and indexing of structured and unstructured content.

AI integration

Integrate Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, predictive analytics, and personalization for a smarter search experience.

Search relevancy optimization

Develop and modify relevancy ranking algorithms to enhance overall user experience, including the use of Azure Search’s multiple scoring profiles.

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