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Global banking industry outlook

August 20, 2021


In brief

Three competitive keystones

1. Profit compression

COVID has weighed on the bottom line of many banks. Leading institutions saw double-digit net income declines in 2020—reordering banks’ priorities.

2. Increased cost of risk

The pandemic created a credit crisis, substantially increasing the cost of risk for banks.

3. Accelerating pace of digital transformations

The pandemic was a shot of adrenaline for digital change. Many banks reached milestones in months that they had plotted on multi-year journeys.

The new world of ‘ambient banking’

Four imperatives for success

Understand the unique dynamics of every market

To attract investors, banks need to understand what makes their markets distinct and focus on the specific capabilities that will help them thrive.

Reshape your business models

Forward-thinking banks will explore the art of the possible and transcend incremental improvements to their digital capabilities. Read more.

Set a strategy to reap the digital premium

Recent research shows that combining great technology with a strong purpose really differentiates superior performers.

Prioritize tech enablement

Competing on tech architecture will be key for generating value, as there is a strong correlation between tech adoption and revenue growth.

Challenge everything

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Meet the team

Michael Abbott

Senior Managing Director – Global Banking Lead

David Cordero

Managing Director, Client Account Lead and Financial Services Lead – EMEA

Joana Henklein

Managing Director – Banking, Latin America

Masashi Nakano

Senior Managing Director – Financial Services, Accenture Japan Ltd