Open platform banking may still be in its infancy, but forward-thinking banks are taking the first steps to create an open platform developer ecosystem. With a secure portal and sandbox environment, a developer community can generate innovative banking products and services.

We evaluated the relative maturity of global banks based on the channel environment and developer experience of their portals, their API offerings, and the adoption of Open Banking across their developer community.

Who is leading the way in the open platform ecosystem?


Non-financial services platforms can offer over 100 APIs for 3rd-party consumption while major card services offer at least 25 API products that enable core business services access to data insights.

Download our full report to learn the five steps banks can take now to start designing and launching a scalable API developer ecosystem. Accenture clients rely on our innovative solutions and banking industry experience—and we welcome the opportunity to help you on your open platform banking journey.

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About the Authors

Sulabh Agarwal

Managing Director – Global Payments Lead

Sudipta Kundu

Manager – Payments, United Kingdom & Ireland

James Foster

Manager – Management Consulting, Payments, United Kingdom & Ireland


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