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Accenture Ventures is designed to build bridges between innovative startups and our clients. With investments in 30+ startups and 50+ partners, we help young companies realize their full potential and our clients harness the leading innovation being created by startups globally.

Accenture Ventures launched Project Spotlight, providing unprecedented access to our technological and domain expertise across our G2000 client base. Project Spotlight offers startups the opportunity to work with Accenture talent, giving them access to the tools to help them tailor their solutions to the market, scale and innovate more rapidly.

Project Spotlight addresses the most challenging part of creating real market solutions—offering startups a nuanced understanding of real business problems and industry domains. Project Spotlight offers new companies exposure to the real-world challenges their solutions can address. These solutions can be tailored, refined and scaled for broader scope and maximum impact.

Okra: A rising fintech star

As part of Project Spotlight, Accenture Ventures made a strategic investment in Nigeria-based fintech company Okra, an open finance data infrastructure startup serving the rapidly expanding African financial services market. Founded in 2019, Okra's platform enables developers and businesses to build personalized digital services and fintech products for customers.

Tom Lounibos, Managing Director, Accenture Ventures, sat down with Fara Ashiru Jituboh, Co-founder, CEO & CTO, Okra and David Peterside, Co-founder & COO, Okra, to discuss Okra's rise in the African market.

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Project spotlight highlights

Project Spotlight investments to date:

Accenture Black Founders Development Program

As part of our commitment to growing new businesses, Accenture launched the Black Founders Development Program, a Project Spotlight Initiative, to help Black entrepreneurs advance and grow their technology businesses through greater, more direct access to venture capital, corporate mentorship, and strategic connections with Accenture’s business partners, clients, and people. This important initiative was created to invest in and support Black technology startup founders and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to help Black entrepreneurs and leaders grow their technology businesses through broader, more direct access to venture capital, corporate mentorship and strategic connections with Accenture business partners and clients.

A critical part of the program is the Black Founders Development Fund. With Accenture’s vast technology, innovation and investment expertise, the fund offers strategic investments in early-stage, Black-founded and -run software startups and other market development initiatives.


Leadership, resources, technology and investment expertise are all areas where Accenture can deliver significant support to Black entrepreneurs, helping them to accelerate innovation and further grow their businesses.

Kathryn Ross

Global Open Innovation – Lead and the Black Founders Development Program – Lead for Accenture Ventures

China Bridge

China Bridge is a global innovation and exchange program from Accenture Ventures to introduce and build partnerships between Accenture clients and best-in-class, emerging Chinese enterprise startups. By focusing on partnership building, educating and building awareness of the latest technology developments coming out of China, the program helps clients accelerate their innovation process.


Hear from our leaders

Tom Lounibos, Lead, Global Ventures, details his career in Silicon Valley and the new strategy he is bringing to Accenture Ventures in the Accenture Ventures Spotlight Podcast. Tom discusses Accenture Ventures’ investments, including Project Spotlight, and highlights his top considerations in what makes a successful investment. Hear how Tom expects the global technology ecosystem to change in the wake of the pandemic, and how this emphasizes the importance of using innovation for social good.

Case studies

Marriot International worked with startups to rapidly pilot six scalable solutions in less than nine months.

We helped Airbus optimize aircraft assembly, reduce error rates to zero and increase productivity 500%.

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Latest news from Accenture Ventures

Accenture invests in cybersecurity startup Prevailion to give clients advanced warning of breaches

Prevailion is a next-gen cyber intelligence company, allowing clients to detect malware and advanced threats through adversary counterintelligence.

Accenture makes strategic investment in african fintech startup Okra

The Nigeria-based fintech company is an open finance data infrastructure startup serving the rapidly expanding African financial services market.

Accenture makes strategic investment in Reactive Technologies

Forms strategic alliance to help accelerate the commercialization of grid data for utilities.

Accenture launches Project Spotlight, a new approach to venture capital

Accenture Ventures’ immersive engagement and investment program addresses key business challenges of the Global 2000 by closing strategic innovation gaps.

Accenture launches black founders development program to support black entrepreneurs

New Accenture Ventures program to invest in and develop Black technology startup founders and CEOs.

Accenture makes strategic investment in InCountry

InCountry’s data residency-as-a-service platform allows companies to ensure their data usage complies with the regulations of 90+ countries.

Accenture makes strategic investment in Synadia Communications, creator of

The open source project provides a highly-scalable, secure communications technology for digital systems, services and devices.

Ventures’ Tom Lounibos shares perspectives with MontyTV at Montgomery Summit

Focuses on responsible AI, edge computing, and need to elevate trust relationship between startups and VCs.

Accenture and Springboard enterprises expand collaboration to increase opportunities for women entrepreneurs

Springboard Enterprises is a network of influencers, investors and innovators dedicated to building high growth companies led by women.

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